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A Summary of the November 2022 AISC Communique

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The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) met on 29 November 2022 for its 49th meeting to discuss significant announcements. The committee talked about the VET Reform update, changes in training packages, and cases for endorsement.

Here’s a quick recap of things you need to know about the latest AISC communique:

  • The committee met on 18 November 2022 to continue working on VET reform updates to further improve VET quality and deliver more meaningful evidence to inform skills policy in 2023. The AISC noted the following about the VET reform:
    • The training package assurance function will be housed in the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations on an interim basis. This is subject to further review in 2023.
    • Industry Cluster groupings are set to be announced in December 2022 and will proceed into the establishment phase.
    • The legislation to establish Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) officially launched its operation on 16 November 2022 after receiving Royal Assent.
    • Finalising on Implementation Plans and signing onto the 12-month National Skills Agreement in different states and territories are in process while negotiations continue for the new long-term agreement.
    • Consultations on qualification reforms will continue in 2023.
    • The draft of revised Standards for Registered Training Organisations has been released and is open for consultation until the end of January 2023, together with the development of the VET Workforce Blueprint.

We recommend reading Industry Clusters: How is this reform changing VET? For more information about the changes in the VET industry.

  • The revised Certificate III in Individual Support was endorsed on 18 November 2022 with the help of a small-time limited expert group consisting of industry, training, and health experts. The training product was already uploaded to the national register.
  • Updates to the TAE Training and Education Training Package were already endorsed on 19 November 2022 after an out-of-session process on 11 November 2022.
  • A 4-part AHC Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package endorsement has been approved by the committee.
  • The committee agreed on the content of the AISC Reflections and Opportunities paper, which summarises the successes and challenges faced by the AISC, as well as the good practice and innovations.

AISC Communique: Cases for Endorsement

The AISC approved all training product endorsements and will be referred to Skills Ministers. Here are the complete details of the training packages’ endorsements:

Resubmitted Case for Endorsement

MSM Manufacturing Training Package Release 8.0

Recreational Vehicle Project

  • 4 updated qualifications
  • 1 deleted qualification
  • 23 updated units of competency
  • 6 new units of competency

New Cases for Endorsement

MEM Manufacturing and Engineering Training Package Release 4.0

  • 6 new qualifications
  • 28 new units of competency

AHC Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package Release 9.0

Part 1: Agriculture and Horticulture Core Skills Project

  • 13 updated qualifications
  • 1 deleted qualification
  • 2 new units of competency
  • 63 updated units of competency (including 2 units merged into 1)
  • 4 deleted units of competency

Part 2: Composting and Organic Production and Permaculture

  • 5 updated qualifications (including 2 merged qualifications
  • 1 deleted qualification
  • 69 updated units of competency
  • 5 deleted units of competency

Part 3: Intensive Livestock (Pig and Poultry) Project

  • 2 updated qualifications
  • 16 revised units of competency
  • 1 new unit of competency
  • 1 deleted unit of competency

Part 4: Respect for Country Job Skills Project

  • 3 updated qualifications
  • 1 new unit of competency
  • 35 updated units of competency (including 2 units merged into 1)

AMP Australian Meat Processing Training Package Release 8.0

Meat Processing General, Quality and Safety

  • 5 updated qualifications
  • 101 updated units of competency
  • 3 deleted units of competency

Learn more about the 49th AISC meeting communique here.

What Do RTOs Need to Do?

While the training product updates are not yet out, the best thing your RTO can do is to start preparing and planning for these changes. Talk to industry experts to know more about the industry’s needs and discover new business opportunities. Be a step ahead and take advantage of the opportunity to increase your enrolment rates.

Once the new courses are out on, here are some things you should do:

  • Start planning for transition. Ensure that all students who won’t be able to finish their course before the deadline will be transferred to the updated program before the transition period ends.
  • Update your training materials following the new standards or acquire high-quality resources and contextualise them.
  • Make sure that the updated courses are added to your scope of registration. ASQA automatically adds the new update to your course if it’s equivalent to what you currently offer. However, if it is not equivalent, you need to apply to add the latest course to your scope.
  • Review your training programs using your session plan to immediately spot discrepancies and look for opportunities to improve your training delivery. Precision RTO Resources provides session plan templates to help you outline training requirements and instantly identify which courses need updating.

Secure the latest training resources as soon as possible and get ahead of the competition. Precision RTO Resources is one of the leading learning resource providers that ensures that your training resources are up to date. Please contact us at 1300 626 556 or fill in the form for more information.

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