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MEA Training Updates: Changes You Shouldn’t Miss

To safeguard learners’ interests and ensure their success, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has granted an extended transition period for several key qualifications of the Aeroskills – MEA training package in Australia. This MEA training package update is part of ASQA’s commitment to providing adequate time for learners to complete their training and obtain certifications without facing unnecessary disadvantages.

The qualifications granted an extended transition period for this training update are as follows:

  • MEA30318 Certificate III in Aircraft Life Support and Furnishing
  • MEA40918 Certificate IV in Aircraft Surface Finishing
  • MEA41318 Certificate IV in Aeroskills (Structures)

Previously, these qualifications were subject to specific transition timelines outlined in Clauses 1.26 (a), (b), and (c) of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015. However, ASQA possesses the authority to approve transition periods longer than those specified.

ASQA’s decision to extend the training, assessment, and certification issuance period for these qualifications of the MEA training package in Australia is a significant step toward ensuring that learners are not impeded in their educational journeys. The extended transition period, lasting until 21 November 2024, applies to all registered training providers. It will support all your students who have already commenced these qualifications by 20 November 2023.

ASQA collaborated with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) and the Training Accreditation Council Western Australia (TAC WA) to arrive at this decision.

Importantly, during the extended transition period, the qualifications above will remain in your scope of registration. This MEA training package update ensures that learners will continue to receive the necessary training and support until the end of the extended period, facilitating their successful completion of the qualifications. The extended transition period provides reassurance to learners who may have faced challenges or disruptions during their training, allowing them to continue their training.

How to Keep Up with the MEA Training Package Updates

This transition period for the MEA training package update gives you the opportunity and time for planning and moving students to the new course. Planning early gives a significant advantage in creating a smooth transition plan for students who may not be able to complete the course within the designated transition period.

To ensure a seamless transition, you can follow these steps:

  1. Update scope of registration: Apply for a scope change if the new qualification is not equivalent to the previous version. However, if the updated qualification is equivalent to the previous version, ASQA takes care of the necessary adjustments and automatically includes it in your scope of registration.
  2. Accommodate training: Allow students to complete their training and assessment in the superseded, expired, or deleted product, if applicable.
  3. Certification issuance: Issue AQF certification for students who have successfully completed the superseded, expired, or deleted product.
  4. Transfer students: Facilitate the transfer process for students who cannot complete their training for the superseded qualifications on or before the transition deadline. This support ensures a seamless transition for these students, allowing them to continue their training journey without interruptions.

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