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VET Government Funding Supported Report Highlights: 1 January to 30 September 2022

VET Government Funding Supported

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) recently released a report summarising the data on vocational education and training (VET) government funding supported students, programs, subjects, and training. Covering 1 January to 30 September 2022, this report includes Commonwealth and/or state or territory government-funded training delivered by contracted training organisations.

Enrolments in VET Government Funding Supported Training

According to the report, 1,055,585 students were enrolled in government-funded VET in Australia. Of these students, 1,026,450 were enrolled in nationally recognised training, and 52,200 were enrolled in non-nationally recognised training. This represents a decrease of 6.1% in enrolments from the same period in 2021.

Government-Funded Students Enrolled in Nationally Recognised VET 2022

Type of Training  Enrolments 2022 
Training package qualifications  853,625 
Accredited qualifications  80,745 
Training package skill sets  26,995 
Accredited courses  36,465 
Locally developed skill sets  65,630 
Locally developed courses  9,005 
Stand-alone nationally recognised subjects  17,215 

Students by Training Providers

TAFE institutes were the most popular training providers, with 564,310 or 53.5% of the 1,055,585 VET government funding-supported students enrolled in these institutes. This represents an 8.3% decrease from the same period in 2021. Meanwhile, 45,050 or 4.3% of students were enrolled at other government providers, 51,145 or 4.8% at community education providers, 366,640 or 34.7% at private training providers, and 62,750 or 5.9% at other training providers.

Program Enrolments

The report shows that there were 1,245,845 government-funded program enrolments in Australia during the same period, which is a decrease of 5.6% from the previous year. Out of all the education programs offered, the majority (84.5%) were in qualifications, with most being training package qualifications (77.3%) and accredited qualifications (7.2%). A small percentage (5.6%) were in training package skill sets and accredited courses, 6.9% were in locally developed programs with at least one nationally recognised subject, and only 2.9% were in programs that were not nationally recognised.

VET Government Funding Supported Program Enrolments by Field of Education

Enrolment data for the first nine months of the year revealed that Engineering and related technologies and Society and culture were the top two fields. Mixed field programmes, Management and commerce, Architecture and building, then follow them. Keep reading to learn more about the enrolment numbers in different areas of education.

Program  Enrolments 2022 
Engineering and related technologies  206,085 
Society and culture  185,410 
Mixed field programmes  149,220 
Management and commerce  144,540 
Architecture and building  122,095 
Education  89,735 
Food, hospitality and personal services  79,405 
Health  70,890 
Agriculture, environmental and related studies  35,345 
Information technology  24,390 
Creative arts  22,980 
Natural and physical sciences  11,450 
No field of education  104,310 

Level of Education

The most popular level of education in government-funded VET was Certificate III, with 527,285 enrolments or 50.1%, followed by Certificate IV, with 210,635 enrolments or 20.0%. Moreover, of the 84.5% of government-funded program enrolments in Australia in nationally recognised qualifications, 77.3% were in training package qualifications, and 7.2% were in accredited qualifications.

Training Providers by Reporting Type

According to the report, 1420 training providers delivered government-funded VET across Australia from January to September 2022. The report also provides a breakdown of these providers by their assigned provider reporting type classification.

Provider Reporting Type  2022 
TAFE Institutes  24 
Other government providers  10 
Community education providers  283 
Private training providers  937 
Other training providers  217 

How Can This VET Government Funding Supported Report Help RTOs?

The VET government funding supported enrolments, and programs report provides valuable insights into the state of government-funded (VET) in Australia. Registered training organisations (RTOs) can use the information to identify trends and opportunities in the VET sector, assess their performance and competitiveness and refine their programs and services better to meet the needs of their students and industry partners.

The report also highlights areas where further improvements can be made, such as increasing enrolments in specific fields of education or qualifications. Overall, the information is a helpful benchmark and reference point for RTOs to evaluate and improve their operations in the constantly evolving VET landscape.

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