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Superb Training Resources for Community Services (CHC) Skill Sets

Deliver Exceptional CHC Skill Set Training with High-Quality Training Resources

Level up your community service skill set training with first-rate RTO training resources! Equip your trainers with the right tools and help your students become job ready with these premium training materials. They are loaded with compliance tools and awesome features to aid your registered training organisation (RTO) in providing outstanding, compliant training.
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Excellent CHC Skill Set Training is Possible with Top-Notch Training Materials

Secure comprehensive RTO learning resources and quality assessment materials from one of the most trusted Australian RTO training materials developer, Compliant Learning Resources.

Ensuring that you receive only the best, these RTO learning materials undergo a thorough validation and quality assurance process. They are created by professional instructional designers with consultations from Vocational Education and Training (VET) industry experts, so you are assured of the calibre of your RTO training resources.

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Your New CHC Skill Set Training Resources Include

Detailed RTO Learning Resources

Meet the volume of learning requirements easily with these extensive RTO resources! These resources follow a TELL-SHOW-DO format and include a mix of text, graphics, SmartArt, multimedia content and links to additional resources, to help your students stay engaged and retain course content.

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Reliable Assessments Tools

These assessment materials have clear benchmarks to help your assessors accurately and consistently evaluate students’ knowledge.

Complete Mapping Documents

Complete Mapping Documents

Easily ensure unit requirements are met when undertaking validation or when being audited. The RTO training materials, assessment tasks, and PowerPoint presentation content are all mapped in this handy compliance tool.

Immersive e-Learning Resources

Improve knowledge retention and training experience through engaging e-Learning resources! This optional add-on is filled with clickable elements, easy-to-understand content, and audio narration.

Unlimited Student Licence

You don’t have to worry about recurring per-student fees! Train as many students as possible and recoup your ROI quicker, as your CHC Skill Set RTO training resources have unlimited student licences.

Editable, Printable, and Uploadable Format

Editable, Printable, and Uploadable Format

Contextualise and customise your RTO resources with ease, thanks to its editable digital format. This also allows you to upload seamlessly to popular LMS platforms.

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Save Time and Money With an Out-of-the-Box Simulated Business Site!

Make it easy for students to complete training activities with our user-friendly simulated business site, and save your RTO considerable effort and expense. Our simulated sites make the training experience more engaging and immersive and provide a safe space for students to learn and grow without the fear of real-world consequences.

Our simulated business site mimics a company intranet site containing tons of workplace documents such as policies, procedures, templates and various role-play scenarios.

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