RTO Training: Implementing the infection control training skill sets update

Earlier this year, the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) addressed the growing need for infection control training by releasing new training products. This is to assist those mainly in the retail, food handling and transport, and logistics sectors. 
The new control training product comprises of four new skill sets in the HLT Training package and BSB Training package, to increase support in the industries most affected by the pandemic. 

Because of this update by the AISC, having high-quality RTO training materials is now more important than ever.
To help you navigate these changes, we have created this handy guide. Here is everything you need to know about the implementation of the infection control training skill sets: 

What are the HLTINFCOV001 and BSBWHS332X courses? 

The HLTINFCOV001—Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Policies and Procedures unit is included in three skills sets which are:

  • HLTSS00066 – Infection control Skill Set (Food Handling)
  • HLTSS00067– Infection control Skill Set (Transport and Logistics)
  • HLTSS00065– Infection control Skill Set (Retail)

According to the AISC, credit transfer cannot be granted between HLTINFCOV001 and HLTINF001— Comply with Infection Prevention and Control Policies and Procedures.

If a student completes the HLTINFCOV001 course, the RTO can conduct a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment process to prove competencies for HLTINF001. RTOs are responsible for implementing further assessment methods to ensure the validity of the assessment decision in the context of health or direct client care.

The HLTINCOV001 unit requires the assessment of skills to be demonstrated in the workplace. Simulations are allowed; however, students cannot be assessed through this method only. Possible assessment methods include:

  • In-workplace assessment by direct observation (assessor can be on–site or observing through video call).
  • Assessors can collect assessment evidence from the workplace supervisor and the like.

The BSBWHS332X—Apply Infection Prevention and Control Procedures to Own Work Activities course, on the other hand, is a under the Business Services Training Packages such as the following:

  • BSB30115 – Certificate III in Business
  • BSB30719 – Certificate III in Work Health and Safety

It is also included in this skill set:

  • BSBSS00095 – Cross-Sector Infection Control Skill Set

Which RTO Training Resources Should Be Delivered To Learners?

Each unit has key differences in their industry and assessment implementation. Follow these guidelines to easily identify which training product to administer to your learner cohort:

HLTINF001 Comply With Infection Prevention And Control Policies And Procedures

  • For those working in health and direct client care context.
  • Assessment of skills should be demonstrated in a health or direct client care workplace.

HLTINFCOV001 Comply With Infection Prevention And Control Policies And Procedures

BSBWHS332X Apply Infection Prevention And Control Procedures To Own Work Activities

  • For those working or seeking employment in any workplace
  • Assessment of skills should be demonstrated in a health or direct client care workplace
  • RTOs may follow contextualisation advice by the AISC for 31 industry areas
  • This is a named elective unit in the BSB30115 Certificate III in Business and BSB30719 Certificate III in Work Health and Safety qualifications

How Do I Contextualise The Training Products?

The AISC has provided contextualisation advice that focuses on COVID-19 skills and knowledge concerning the specific requirements of the job and sector. The released learner delivery information and RTO contextualisation information are as follows:

RTOs must apply the contextualisation advice when delivering the skill sets to ensure learners gain the required skills and industry–specific knowledge. Regulators will evaluate the RTO’s application of these resources as well as their delivery of the training packages.

What Should My RTO Do?
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