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New BSB v7.0 Business Services Training Package v7.0 Update Is Out Now!

The new BSB v7.0 Business Services Training Package Version is now published on which marks one of the biggest training package update in years!

Almost all RTOs in Australia will in one way or the other, be affected by the 2020 BSB Training Package update. These new units will eventually filter their way into every training package, and given the widespread packaging of BSB units into many qualifications.

RTOs that have BSB qualifications on scope will be immediately and significantly affected. This means Registered Training Organisations will need training resources for the NEW BSB Training Qualifications and Units ASAP, to ensure they can get scope applications approved and be able to deliver these new qualifications to meet new market demand.

Summary of the 2020 BSB v7.0 Business Services Training Package Update

In summary:

  • There are 33 new Qualifications in the BSB 7.0 update.
  • A substantial number of Qualifications have been Removed or Deleted.
  • There is a major consolidation of qualifications, reducing the overall number of qualifications in the new BSB Training Package.
  • Many popular qualifications and units are NOT equivalent.

To learn more about the new BSB v7.0 update, click here now.

New Precision Group BSB RTO Training Resources

As you may have heard, there have been substantial changes to the BSB Training Package, which has instigated an entire rewrite of every training and assessment resource, for every unit of competence in our BSB catalogue. The great news is that as new owners of Precision Group, we have taken the opportunity to substantially improve the quality and format of both the training and assessment resources, across the board. These improvements include:

  • Improved Volume and Depth of Learning Activities – to assist your RTO with meeting & demonstrating Amount of Training requirements at audit plus preparing your learners for Assessment.
  • Improved Skill-Based Assessments – helps provide evidence that your RTO has correct methods of assessment for the skills that must be demonstrated.
  • Improved Benchmarking and Marking Guides – improve the validity and reliability of assessments through explicit benchmarks detailing evidence required for “competent” performance
  • Improved Validation and QA Processes – every Assessment Tool goes through rigorous validation and rectification processes and is provided with a validation certificate.
  • Improved PowerPoints – engage your learners (whether in the classroom or online) with better imagery “chunked” into chapters aligned to the learning resources
  • Optional e-Learning Resources – plug and play compatible with most popular LMS platforms, and improve learner engagement in either online/blended delivery through self-marking activities
  • Completely Editable in Native WORD Format – the previous owners of Precision Group formatted the resources in InDesign, which made editing clumsy and difficult once converted to Word. Our new resources are created directly in Word format so you have complete editing control – for easy branding and customisation of ALL resources.
  • Supported by Bounce Fitness Simulated Business – provides your learners with access to a massive catalogue of critical workplace documents. Helps your learners complete many of the assessment tasks with ease. Also, a great way to scaffold learning to support your classroom and online delivery.

Contact us now for samples of our new training and assessment materials for the BSB v7.0 training package! We have an extensive range of qualifications and units available – click the links below and fill out the form to request an info pack with pricing, free full units samples and more information about any new 2020 BSB training resources:

RTO Resources  for New BSB Qualifications

RTO Materials  for New BSB Units

Many new BSB 2020 training resources are available now, with more units and qualifications in development. Check back for the latest updates. Contact 1300 626 556 or email to find out more about the brand new BSB v7.0 training package resources!