BSBITU203A Communicate electronically RTO Learning Resources

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BSBITU203A Communicate electronically RTO Materials

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The BSBITU203A Communicate electronically has superseded.

BSBITU203A Communicate electronically RTO Learning Resources

Secure high-quality training resources for the in-demand BSBITU203A Communicate electronically training resources!

These BSBITU203A Communicate electronically training materials will help your RTO deliver a premium training experience. These resources include the following features:

  • Contextualisable, Editable, Rebrandable Format
  • Print or Upload to Your Learning Management System
  • Unlimited Digital Student Licence

BSBITU203A Communicate electronically training resource package inclusions:

  • Learner Resources
  • Mapping Guide
  • Assessor Guide

Important Note: The RTO is responsible for validating, rectifying and mapping the materials provided to meet the unit requirements. Further rectification by the RTO is required before use as these are sold on an “as is, where is” basis.

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BSBITU203A RTO Materials

When you license these BSBITU203A Communicate electronically training resources, you will be able to deliver to unlimited students within your training organization!

This comprehensive package of BSBITU203A Communicate electronically training and assessment resources are supplied in editable digital format so you can contextualise, modify and adjust these training resources to suit your RTO’s exact needs as required by the Standards for RTOs.

You can also print copies for use in the classroom, or you can integrate them into your LMS for simple distribution to your students.

These RTO support materials will be offered on an “as is, where is” basis. Some units may be incomplete prior to the acquisition. This means that they would require further development by your RTO to complete the supporting documents.

Your training materials include:


BSBITU203A Communicate electronically Learner Resources

Learner Guide

Contains information and formative assessments to help your students develop skills and knowledge. Modify and contextualise the materials as needed to meet the specific needs of your RTO and students.


BSBITU203A Communicate electronically Assessment Tools

Assessor Guide

This resource contains the benchmark answers for the Learner Assessment document. This serves as a guide to help your trainers and assessors make a valid judgement of student competency for all unit requirements. It also includes additional instructions and mapping documentation for trainers and assessors to use.

The assessments are also mapped to the learner guides to make it easy for your trainers and assessors to plan sessions or create study plans for students who are not yet competent.

Mapping Guide

A detailed master mapping matrix which complements the mapping documentation found in the assessor guide.


Please note that the files in this training resource package may have different formats, and some may have limited editability.


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