BSBPMG610 Enable program execution RTO Materials
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BSBPMG610 Enable program execution - RTO Materials

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The BSBPMG610 Enable program execution has superseded.

BSBPMG610 Enable program execution RTO Resources

Get the new BSBPMG610 Enable program execution RTO materials from one of Australia’s leading training resource developers. Developed by a team of skilled instructional designers, you can rest assured that these training and assessment resources are of the highest quality.

These BSBPMG610 Enable program execution training resources will help your RTO deliver a premium training experience. Your new RTO training materials come complete with:

  • Learner Resources
  • Assessment Kit
  • Unlimited Students Licence
  • Adaptable to Online Learning Feature
  • Fully Editable Format

Your RTO can easily modify, contextualise, customise, and distribute your brand-new training resources without the extra hassle.

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BSBPMG610 RTO Training Materials

When you get these BSBPMG610 Enable program execution training resources, you’ll be able to deliver training to an unlimited number of students within your organisation with no ongoing fees.

Delivered in a fully editable digital format, these learning and assessment resources are easy to contextualise and are adaptable to online learning.

These BSBPMG610 Enable program execution RTO learning resources and assessment tools come with detailed benchmarks and are synchronized with the latest standard practices.

Industry professionals have also validated your new training resources to ensure they are up to industry standards.


BSBPMG610 Enable program execution Learner Resources

The learner resources typically include the following:

  • Learner Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Class Activities Book
  • Self-Study Guide
  • Session Plan

These learning materials have relevant information with performance criteria and knowledge evidence of the unit so students can better understand a particular unit. Trainers can also provide a more engaging learning environment with the help of these course materials and help students progress through the course more efficiently.


BSBPMG610 Enable program execution Assessment Tools

The assessment tools typically include the following:

  • Student Assessment Pack
  • Trainer Assessment Pack/Marking Guide
  • Work Placement Assessment (only on select training resources)
  • Mapping Information

Your trainers will have comprehensive instructions complete with outlines and benchmarks required for each assessment task. Effectively judge students’ competencies with these comprehensive and detailed assessment materials.

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