RIIUND304D Recover equipment RTO Resources

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RIIUND304D Recover equipment RTO Materials

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The RIIUND304D Recover equipment is no longer current and has not been replaced or superseded by another qualification/unit.

RIIUND304D Recover equipment RTO Learning Materials

Get the latest RIIUND304D Recover equipment training and assessment materials!

The RIIUND304D Recover equipment training resource package is complete with the following learning and assessment tools:

  • Learner Guides
  • Assessment Workbook
  • Competency Records

Your RIIUND304D Recover equipment training resources will be delivered in editable Word format so you can easily re-brand, customise, and modify as you see fit. This learning and assessment material also comes with an unlimited student use licence.

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RIIUND304D RTO Training Materials

RIIUND304D Recover equipment Learner Resources

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These course materials come with an unlimited student licence so your RTO can deliver this resource to as many students as possible with no ongoing fees.

The RIIUND304D Recover equipment RTO resources include the following training resources:

Learner Guides

Help your students prepare for their assessment using these handy learner guides to assist them during their training. Ensure your students have the knowledge and skills they need to successfully complete the course.


RIIUND304D Recover equipment Assessment Tools

Efficiently judge your students’ competencies with these assessment RTO materials:

Assessment Tools

This resource package includes assessment workbooks which have assessment tasks for your students to complete. Plus, you’ll also get competency records for better assessment deliver.

Your assessment tools also come with competency records, benchmark answers and assessment mapping.


RIIUND304D Recover equipment Additional Features

You’ll receive these RTO learner materials and assessment tools in a completely editable digital Word format so you can customise, modify, and contextualise your training resources as you see fit. You can also rebrand the training resources so you can promote your RTO.

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More Information on the RIIUND304D Recover equipment

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