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Learning HOW to Learn: The Complete Guide

Keep your students laser-focused on their online learning with tips and tricks on how to study in the most efficient and effective way possible. With Laurie Kelly’s Learning How to Learn Master Class, you can help students unlock their full potential and ace their classes!

Laurie Kelly has developed world-class training methods and techniques for organisations for over 30 years. This video course will assist learners in how they can retain information better and faster through their unique learning techniques.

Get FULL, UNLIMITED access to this video series at the best price today! Help your RTO fulfil its obligation under Guideline 1.7 of the Standards for RTOs, and potentially increase your RTO’s completion rate.

Why You Should Get Learning HOW To Learn

  • With just a one-off upfront fee, you will get unlimited, full access to ALL video lessons in this master class which gives your RTO massive savings!
  • Instantly upload the video series to your LMS and immediately offer it to students online.
  • Assist your RTO in meeting your obligations under Guideline 1.7 of the Standards for RTOs
  • Can potentially increase your RTO’s completion rate. The more functional and engaged students are in their learning, the quicker they can complete their training.
  • Proven and research-backed approaches that will greatly support learners.
  • Straightforward and relevant information presented in layman’s terms and short-video formats
  • Studying techniques in this video course apply to any training delivery method (online, face-to-face, or blended).

What You’ll Find Inside

Upon purchasing this video series, you will find the following inclusions:

  • 14 bite-sized downloadable videos (around 10-15 minutes long) on various learning techniques and compelling tips to boost the training experience
  • Additional videos containing practical activities to put the student’s understanding to the test
  • Other support materials for an in-depth understanding of the concepts presented

Who Can Benefit the Most from This Video Series?

The “Learning How to Learn” video series is perfect for students who want to improve their study habits and make the most of their VET studies.

What Your Students Will Pick Up:

  • Learning and perceptual styles that work best for them
  • Reframing the learning mindset to achieve learning success
  • Concepts such as “Flipped Learning,” “Prior Knowledge,” and “Self-Talk” and how to use these to their advantage
  • Proven and valuable study tips, techniques, and strategies to maximise learning
  • How to activate the “curious state” for maximum learning
  • How to effectively deal with and reduce anxiety for a clearer headspace
  • How to take quick, fun, and memorable class notes
  • How to reduce reading time while increasing comprehension
  • Revision strategies for long-term information retention
  • How to build a stronger mind when willpower is not enough
  • Peak Performance Techniques and Sports visualisation to enhance learning

Course Overview

Video 1: Introduction Video

This video is introductory to the lessons the student will encounter throughout the “Learning How to Learn” video training series. Laurie Kelly gives the students a general idea of what to expect and what they will learn from each video in the series, so they know how to study the easy way.

Video 2: Each of Us is Unique”¯

Knowing yourself is the first step to success. When your students clearly understand what learning and perceptual style suit them best (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, or Tactile), it empowers them to study successfully. Kelly shares over 14 incredible study tips for all different learning styles that help facilitate learning.

Video 3: Making Sense of Your School Experience

Studying requires the use of all our skills. In this video, Laurie Kelly explains the left and right brain tendencies and their role in studying. He also touches on how school experiences have either helped or hindered an individual’s learning capabilities.

Video 4: Doing It Your Way “¯

This video thoroughly discusses emotional, sociological, physiological, and psychological preferences that influence one’s learning effectiveness.

Video 5: Old Thinking Can Propel Us Forward or Hold Us Back”¯

Sometimes it takes unlearning to learn again. This lesson covers reframing one’s mindset and letting go of old belief systems about studying to hit the “reset” button in our brains. Hence, having more productive and worthwhile study sessions.

Video 6: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Learning success depends a lot on how long you can retain information and how to retrieve them at will. Kelly provides foolproof techniques to get students into a “curious state.” When students are not focused on merely memorising and are genuinely interested in the subject, it helps them take in information that will “stick” longer.

Video 7: Note Taking with the Brain in Mind

Notetaking should be a fun and easy way to retain information, and there’s more than one way to do it. In this video lesson, Kelly reveals a strategy for quickly taking down more memorable and understandable notes by engaging correct brain patterns and incorporating one’s learning styles.

Video 8: Mastering Time to Work for Us

We can either make time work for us or against us. The good news is the decision is ours. The eighth video lesson teaches students how to make time their ally when it comes to studying to get the most out of it.

Video 9: Revision and Long-term Retention

Knowing how to study is one thing but storing and retaining knowledge in your brain for the long term is another. Here, Laurie Kelly delves deep into how the brain works when it comes to revision, recall, exams and tests. He also teaches proven strategies for clever revision that improve the long-term retention rate to 87-90%.

Video 10: Assignments on Time and on Purpose

Laurie Kelly has handy tips for making assignment writing a stress-free process. He gives tools to help students submit assignments on time and purposefully.

Video 11: When Will power is Not Enough

Despite our best intentions, sometimes “willpower” is not enough. That is why Kelly explains how important it is to build your mental fitness to make studying an exciting experience instead of draining.

Video 12: What Top Students Do and Visualisation

IQ alone is not enough to succeed. In this video, learners will get insider information on what top students do, the real drivers of learner success, and how they can set themselves up for it.

Video 13: The Skill of Sport Visualisation with Study — Peak Performance

Kelly explores peak performance techniques and sports visualisation and explains how these can enhance learning.

Video 14: Beating Anxiety in the Learning Environment — Clearing the Head”¯

It’s all about managing anxiety and not letting it manage us. The last lesson in this series gives pointers on how to reduce anxiety naturally. It also covers the importance of being in the present moment and how it can significantly impact learning.


Get Laurie Kelly’s “Learning How to Learn” Video Training Series today and let your students tap into the best versions of themselves when studying! Contact us through or give us a ring on 1300626556 to get more information.