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 AUSMASA Launches to Empower Mining and Automotive Industries

AUSMESA Launches to Empower Mining and Automotive Industries

19 June 2023 Update

AUSMASA and JSA Collaborate on Revolutionary Data Platforms

The Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance (AUSMASA), formerly known as the Australian Mining and Energy Skills Council (AUSMESA), has partnered with Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) to create two data platforms. These platforms are set to revolutionise the mining and automotive sectors by offering valuable insights into labour market trends and skills data. Their primary objective is to empower businesses and policymakers to make informed decisions that drive success.

The first platform, the JSA Atlas, is an innovative experimental data platform. It combines data from JSA and the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) to provide a comprehensive overview of the labour market and skills data at the national, state, and regional levels. This is the first time economic and skills data has been connected and accessible to the public in a single platform.

In addition to the JSA Atlas, AUSMASA’s Data Profile & Placemats provide a concise one to two-page overview of their activity. This resource presents up-to-date information on critical aspects such as major employers, commonwealth agencies, workforce data, data challenges, vocation education and training (VET) data, occupations, unions, awards, and employer associations. The data and insights provided are crucial in understanding the workforce, education, and training demands, enabling informed decision-making.

17 May 2023 Update

AUSMASA Launches to Drive Skills and Workforce Development in Mining and Automotive Industries

The Australian Minerals and Automotive Skills Alliance (AUSMASA), jobs and skills council (JSC) dedicated to identifying skills and workforce needs and improving outcomes for learners and employers in the mining and automotive industries, has officially launched in Australia.

The mining and skills alliance aims to empower the industry to develop essential workforce capabilities for today and the future by providing leadership and engagement to deliver a responsive vocational education and training (VET) system and build a skilled and resilient workforce.

AUSMASA’s work centres around four key areas:

  • workforce planning,
  • training product development,
  • implementation, promotion, and monitoring, and
  • industry stewardship

As an independent voice to the government, AUSMASA represents industries involved in mineral exploration and extraction operations and emerging industries covering driverless automotive technologies.

Learn more about the Jobs and Skills Council by visiting Australia’s VET Sector Gets a Boost with Jobs & Skills Councils.

AUSMASA: Addressing Workforce Shortages and Improving Training

AUSMASA is actively collaborating with industry and education leaders nationwide to enhance training and address workforce shortages in the mining and automotive sectors, focusing on building upon their past successes and strengthening connections.

The Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance is responsible for nationally recognised training products, including:

  • RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry (mining)
  • AUR Automotive Retail, Service and Repair (service & repair)
  • AUR Automotive Retail, Service and Repair (retail qualifications only)
  • AUM Automotive Manufacturing.

With a board of directors and executive team possessing a wealth of experience from various sectors, the headquarters of the organisation are in Melbourne, with offices in Perth and Brisbane. The organisation will attend various conferences and events throughout Australia to engage with stakeholders and gather feedback.

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