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"Bounce Fitness" Simulated Business Site

Introducing the “Bounce Fitness” Simulated Business

If you have international students or students not in the workplace, our Simulated Business “Bounce Fitness” will help you to support them with simulated training!

Access the Simulated Business through the Precision RTO Resources website! Learner can log on and move through the user-friendly environment to access simulations of the business giving them the skills and knowledge they need to complete their assessment.

The Simulated Business accessed through the Precision RTO Resources website means Learners can log on and move through the user-friendly environment to access simulations of the business that they require in completing their assessment. 

The access cost is included in the standard fee for each unit of RTO training materials and is accessible to you for the lifetime of each unit you licence. Our updated Bounce Fitness site requires just one login per RTO, so all your students can access the site using one set of credentials to make your life easier!

About the Simulated Business Site

Our Bounce Fitness Simulated Business site includes hundreds of common documents found in workplaces – policies, procedures, meeting minutes, forms, templates, agendas, organisation charts, role descriptions, financial data and more!

This enormous library of content is available for your RTO to use as you customise & contextualise your training resources with case studies, role plays, and other simulations to streamline delivery and assessment.

This Simulated Business can be used equally for students or employed Learners. The employed Learner can use their own organisation OR simulated business resources (depending on what is easiest or most appropriate) while those without employment can use Simulated Business resources & simulated assessment processes to achieve the same learning outcomes.

You will receive access to the simulated business site for the lifetime of the units you license, plus sufficient time to teach-out and transition students after the training package changes.

You are welcome to download and print resources from the simulated business site to support classroom or other offline delivery styles.

Documents on the simulated business site are supplied in PDF format and we are happy for you to copy and adapt them as required to support your training delivery needs.

Our digital training resources are delivered in easily editable Word format so you can easily contextualise the assessments to your Learners, industry and employer needs! Matched with our simulated business site containing documents we’ve developed over thousands of hours of work, this is an incredible resource for any RTO to create amazing simulated training programs!