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Great training starts with the right RTO training materials. Get the latest RTO materials, learner materials, assessment tools, e-Learning resources, RPL kits, and more! Enquire today to learn more and start securing your RTO resources!

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RTO Training Materials and Assessment Resources

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Digital RTO Training Resources

We have an extensive range of digital RTO training resources covering dozens of training packages. These resources are normally delivered in digital format (Word, Excel, PDF) and typically you can select your own elective units. Search our range of RTO materials here!
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e-Learning Resources

Our new e-Learning resources are interactive, narrated, user-friendly and delivered in HTML5 compliant SCORM format. These complement and support our range of digital RTO training resources and assessment materials and are available as an optional extra for many of our units.

Why Choose us?

We are Australia's Leading RTO Training Resources Developer

No Ongoing Fees

We offer a one-off upfront licence model with no ongoing fees - pay just once for training resources for the lifetime of each unit! Most RTOs will break even vs per-student, per unit models with just the first class of students, and then save many thousands of dollars on RTO materials for years!

Unlimited Student Licence

You will receive an unlimited student licence to our training resources so you can deliver and assess training to as many students as you want within your RTO with no extra fees! No per-student, per-unit fees or annual subscriptions costs.

Unlimited Free Updates

We provide free quality & compliance updates to select training resources for the lifetime of the unit. When the unit updates to a new code, you will receive a significantly discounted upgrade price to ease the transition!

Audit Rectification Assistance Guarantee

If you ever run into problems with our training resource assessments at an official regulatory audit, we will assist with rectifications free of charge. Several of our resource development partners offer similar guarantees.

Robust Validation & QA Processes

Our resources go through a thorough and extensive internal validation and quality assurance process prior to publishing to deliver great quality training resources to your RTO.

Designed for Compliance & Quality Training

We’ve applied years of feedback from audits and hands-on experience to create training resources that are robust and include the instructions students need to study and complete their course!

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Editable Training Resources

We create training resources in easily editable digital formats like Word and Excel so you can contextualise, modify, rebrand, customize and otherwise adapt your training materials to suit your RTO’s exact needs and training application!

Supported by Simulated Business Workplace

You will receive access to our simulated business site, Bounce Fitness, which includes a library of hundreds of common workplace files, policies, procedures, documents and other training resources which can assist you to simulate assessment tasks and expand your potential training market to international students and other demographics.

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Massive Extended Resource Catalogue

No one developer can write everything, so we partner with many other RTO training resource publishers to offer an expanded catalogue of materials to help you find what you need in one place! We include the publisher name on each product page and quote so you know who will supply your RTO resources.

Search Our Huge Range of Digital RTO Training Resources NOW!

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Amazing Simulated Workplace

Try Our Simulated Business,
Bounce Fitness!

Bounce Fitness is an incredible library of simulated workplace resources and documents we have developed over years and thousands of hours of work. You will receive access to the Bounce Fitness site with your Precision RTO Resources to help you simulate assessments where appropriate and provide more students with a pathway to completion.

One login will work for all your trainers and students, and access is included at no extra cost when you invest in any unlimited student BSB digital training resource developed by Precision RTO Resources. Enquire now for a personalised walkthrough of the Bounce Fitness website!

Training Materials

Purchase RTO Training Resources and Assessment Tools

Whether you need learner resources or assessment tools, our complete range of RTO materials will assist you in launching your latest course today. Our training resources and materials go through rigorous validation to ensure that your RTO delivers quality training and assessment resources to your learners.

If you are looking for quality RTO training resources at affordable prices, why not browse our extensive range of training materials. If you don’t find what you are looking for, give us a quick call as we may have it ready to go!

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