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Quality RTO Materials and Training Resources Tailored for Australian RTOs

Great training starts with the right RTO training materials. Get the latest RTO training resources for sale, assessment tools, e-Learning resources, RPL kits, and more from Precision RTO Resources! Enquire today to learn more and start securing your RTO materials and RTO learning resources!

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Expertly Made RTO Training Resources and Assessment Tools from the Top RTO Resources Provider

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Whether you need compliant learning resources or assessment tools, our complete range of RTO materials will assist you in launching your latest course today. Our training materials and RTO learning materials go through rigorous validation to ensure that your RTO delivers quality training and assessment resources to your learners.

If you are looking for quality RTO training resources for sale at affordable prices, why not browse our extensive range of RTO training materials? If you don’t find what you are looking for from our catalogue of RTO resources to purchase, give us a quick call or fill in our online form, as we may have it ready to go!

A One-Stop Hub for All Your RTO Materials and Assessment Resources

Explore an extensive selection with over 10,000 RTO learning materials and training resources in Australia! Here’s everything Precision RTO Resources have to offer:

8,800+ RTO Training Resources

We have an extensive range of digital RTO learning materials covering dozens of training packages. These RTO resources to purchase are normally delivered in digital format (Word, Excel, PDF) and typically you can select your own elective units from a wide range of VET resources. Search our range of RTO materials for sale here!


900+ e-Learning Resources

Our new e-Learning resources are interactive, narrated, user-friendly and delivered in HTML5 compliant SCORM format. These complement and support our range of assessment materials and training resources for RTOs and are available as an optional extra for many of our units. Purchase RTO materials with e-Learning resources from our online catalogue of VET resources here!

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60+ Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Kits

Easily assess your RPL candidates and make quality evaluations with our outstanding RPL kits. These RTO training resources for Australia are designed to cover all unit requirements of different VET resources with detailed instructions to help you streamline your RPL assessment process. Secure your new RTO assessment resources here!

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100+ Vocational Placement Kits

Our vocational placement kits have been meticulously developed in collaboration with legal professionals. By utilising these RTO assessment resources from our extensive catalogue of RTO materials, you can support your students during their vocational placements, so they can showcase and apply the skills and knowledge they gained from their workplace. Grab these RTO resources to purchase here!

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200+ Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Kits

Streamline the assessment of your students’ Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LLN) levels with our comprehensive language, literacy, and numeracy kits. Easily identify those in need of additional learning support to enhance their educational journey with these RTO assessment resources. Purchase these RTO materials for sale here!

Get Premium RTO Resources for Sale at Unbeatable Prices!

Score massive discounts, secure limited-time offers, and grab irresistible bundles of RTO training resources for sale. Choose our high-quality RTO materials!

Unlock a Wealth of RTO Materials for Sale
from Our VET Resources Catalogue to Elevate Your Training

Whether you’re looking for sought-after RTO materials for sale or hard-to-find ones, our wide-ranging collection of training resources for RTOs has got you covered. Uncover compliant learning resources and the best training resources for Australia from our catalogue of RTO resources to purchase.

Get FREE training and assessment resources samples here!

AHC Training Resources

BSB Training Resources

CHC Training Resources

CPC Training Resources

CUA Training Resources

FNS Training Resources

FSK Training Resources

HLT Training Resources

ICT Training Resources

MEM Training Resources

RII Training Resources

SIR Training Resources

SIT Training Resources

SIS Training Resources

TAE Training Resources

TLI Training Resources

UEE Training Resources

Commitment to Compliant Learning Resources Through Our Audit Rectification Guarantee

At Precision RTO Resources, we understand the importance of compliance for your RTO. That’s why we offer an audit rectification guarantee. To ensure you get compliant learning resources, we will supply revised training materials designed to align with the latest regulatory requirements when your RTO faces non-compliance issues during an official regulatory audit. These resources, developed in collaboration with leading industry experts, ensure your training programs remain relevant and effective.

We also partner with reputable publishers, such as Compliant Learning Resources, who share our commitment to quality training to guarantee that your RTO has access to learning resources that adhere to industry best practices and regulatory guidelines.

Embark on a Transformative Training Journey with Premier Resources from Our Trusted Publishers: Precision RTO Resources, Compliant Learning Resources, TotalVET Training Resources, RTO Learning Materials, and eSkilled

Compliant Learning Resources

Embark on an exciting training journey with our RTO materials from Compliant Learning Resources, the experts in crafting exceptional training and assessment materials for BSB, CHC, FNS, HLT, TAE, and SIS training packages. See our comprehensive catalogue now and find resources to elevate your training.

TotalVET Training Resources

When it comes to learning resources and assessment tools for ACM, AHC, AUR, CPC, HLT, ICT, MEM, MSA07, RII, TLI, UEE, and UET, our collection of RTO materials from TotalVET Training Resources has got you covered. Our trusted partner’s team works tirelessly to craft quality RTO resources to help you unleash your program’s full potential.

RTO Learning Materials

In addition to Compliant Learning Resources and TotalVET Training Resources, RTO Learning Materials understands the unique challenges faced by RTOs in today's ever-evolving training landscape. Our wide-ranging collection of CPP, FSK, SIR, and SIT training resources and assessment materials crafted by RTO Learning Materials provides you with the tools and knowledge to create outstanding learning experiences.


With eSkilled e-Learning, you can harness the power of technology to deliver dynamic and interactive training experiences that cater to diverse learning styles. We partnered with eSkilled to convert our learner resources into engaging e-Learning resources to empower your learners with the flexibility they need.

What Can You Expect from These Top-Notch RTO Training Materials from Precision RTO Resources?


No Ongoing Fees for All VET Resources

We offer a one-off upfront licence model with no ongoing fees - pay just once for these training resources for RTOs for the lifetime of each unit! Most RTOs will break even much faster vs per-student, per unit models with just the first class of students, and then save thousands of dollars on RTO learning materials for years!


Train as Many Students as You Can

You will receive an unlimited student licence to our RTO training resources for sale so you can deliver and assess training to as many students as your RTO can with no extra fees! Purchase RTO materials for sale from our wide range of VET resources with no per-student, per-unit fees or annual subscriptions costs.


Resource Updates for FREE

We provide free quality and compliance updates to select RTO training materials for the lifetime of the unit. When the RTO material updates to a new code, you will receive a significantly discounted upgrade price to ease the transition!

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Audit Rectification Assistance Guarantee

If you ever run into problems with our training and assessment resources and RTO materials at an official regulatory audit, we will assist with rectifications free of charge. Several of our resource development partners offer similar guarantees.


Robust Validation & QA Processes

Our RTO learning resources go through a thorough and extensive internal validation and quality assurance process prior to publishing to deliver great quality training resources to your RTO.

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Designed for Compliance & Quality Training

We’ve applied years of feedback from audits and hands-on experience to create training resources for RTOs that are robust and include the instructions students need to study and complete their course!

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Freedom to Make It Your Own

We create RTO training resources for Australia in easily editable digital formats like Word and Excel so you can contextualise, modify, rebrand, customise and otherwise adapt your training materials to suit your RTO’s exact needs and training application!


Access to Simulated Business Workplace

You can receive access to our simulated business sites (where applicable) which include a library of hundreds of common workplace files, policies, procedures, documents, and other RTO learning materials which can assist you to simulate assessment tasks and expand your potential training market to international students and other demographics.

massive resource catalogue icon

Massive Resource Catalogue

No one developer can write everything, so we partner with many other RTO training materials and compliant learning resources publishers to offer an expanded catalogue of materials to help you find what you need in one place! We include the publisher name on each RTO resources' product page and quote so you know who will supply your RTO learning resources.


Elevate Your Assessment with Top-Notch RTO Assessment Resources

Get accuracy and consistency all-in-one with Precision RTO Resources’ assessment materials. Our comprehensive suite of training and assessment resources is designed to empower trainers and assessors, ensuring accurate, efficient, and compliant assessments.

  • Ensure consistency in all evaluations with our RTO training resources’ Assessor Assessment Pack
  • Prepare students for assessments and demonstrate competency with the Learner Assessment Pack
  • Make audits and validation a breeze with the comprehensive assessment mapping tool outlined to the unit requirements

With Precision RTO Resources, you gain access to cutting-edge RTO assessment resources that elevate your assessment practices. Purchase RTO materials today and discover the Precision RTO advantage with our extensive range of training and assessment resources!


Revolutionise Training with Incredible Simulated Business Sites

Bounce Fitness and The Continent Hotel host incredible libraries of simulated workplace resources and documents we have developed over years and thousands of hours of work. You will receive access to these simulated intranet sites with Precision RTO Resources to help you simulate assessments where appropriate and provide more students with a pathway to completion.

Access is included at no extra cost when you invest in any unlimited student BSB, SIS, and SIT RTO training materials developed by Precision RTO Resources. Enquire now for a personalised walkthrough!

Set Up Your RTO for Success with Highly Acclaimed RTO Learning Resources

At Precision RTO Resources, we go above and beyond to ensure you receive the best compliant learning resources and exemplary service. That’s why we are thrilled to have been recognised for our dedication to providing remarkable client care and training resources for Australia.

Australian Achiever Award
LearnX Award Gold
Australian Small Business Award

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Hear it straight from fellow RTOs! Gain valuable insights about our compliant learning resources and other RTO training resources for sale from our extensive catalogue of RTO materials shared by industry colleagues.

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