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Effortless e-Learning Course Content Upload in 5 Easy Steps

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In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, e-Learning has emerged as a vital tool for educators and organisations, offering a versatile and efficient means to deliver educational content to a diverse audience. To illustrate this process effectively, it’s worth noting that we are utilising eSkilled’s learning management system (LMS) for demonstration purposes.

eSkilled LMS simplifies the hosting and management of e-Learning courses, making it an ideal choice for showcasing the steps involved in uploading e-Learning content. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through a streamlined five-step approach to seamlessly upload your e-Learning content to eSkilled LMS, enhancing the educational experience for all.

Step 1: Enabling ‘Edit Mode’ Your Course Page

Your journey to uploading e-Learning content to eSkilled LMS begins by activating the ‘Edit Mode’ on your course page. This step grants you the necessary permissions to make modifications and incorporate new content into your course. Locate and engage the “Edit mode” feature on your course page to get started.

Step 2: Course Selection and Adding an Activity or Resource

Once in ‘Edit Mode,’ you’ll be ready to select the course where you wish to introduce your e-Learning content. Navigate to your chosen course and initiate the process by clicking the “Add an activity or resource” option. A menu will appear, offering a variety of content integration possibilities.

Step 3: Opting for the SCORM Package

You’ll discover the “SCORM Package” choice among the array of activity and resource options. This is your gateway to uploading your e-Learning content, and it adheres to the industry-standard SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), ensuring compatibility not just with eSkilled LMS but with a wide range of other LMS platforms as well.

Step 4: Effortless Drag-and-Drop of Your SCORM Package File

With the “SCORM Package” selection made, you’ll be prompted to upload your e-Learning content. This can be achieved by a simple drag-and-drop action of your SCORM Package file into the designated upload area. Simultaneously, you’ll be required to add essential details within the Resource settings, which may include a title, description, and supplementary information to enhance learners’ understanding of your content.

Step 5: Saving and Returning to Your Course

Upon successfully uploading your SCORM Package file and completing the necessary details, it’s time to save your progress and return to your course. This can be accomplished by clicking the “Save and Return to Course” button, finalising the process. Your e-Learning content is now readily accessible within the chosen course.

Congratulations! You have now completed these straightforward steps to upload your e-Learning content to eSkilled LMS, even if it’s just for demonstration purposes. By following these concise instructions, you can ensure a seamless teaching experience while offering valuable educational content to your learners.

eSkilled LMS empowers educators and organisations to deliver effective e-Learning courses with ease, guaranteeing that learning objectives are met, and learners gain access to top-notch educational materials.

Leverage the power of e-Learning and eSkilled LMS to craft engaging and informative courses that cater to the needs of both educators and learners. Whether you are a teacher, trainer, or instructional designer, these steps will assist you in effortlessly integrating your e-Learning content into the platform. Start your e-Learning journey today and elevate your educational efforts to new horizons!

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