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Empowering Educators: Unveiling the New AI Course Creator Tool from eSkilled

eSkilled AI Course Creator

Precision RTO Resources is thrilled to introduce the all-new AI Course Creator Tool from our sister company, eSkilled, designed to elevate your teaching experience and empower your students like never before. This course builder will revolutionise how you design courses and shape the future of learning.

In today’s fast-paced world, education must evolve to meet the demands of the digital age. The AI Course Creator Tool is a game-changer, and we can’t wait for you to explore its potential.

Unleashing the Power of AI for Course Creation

You may be familiar with eSkilled’s Student Management System and Learning Management Systems, or the e-Learning Resources eSkilled creates to complement our training materials.

eSkilled’s new AI-powered Course Creator Tool is the company’s new cloud-based software service for educators to rapidly author and distribute courses online.

The AI Course Builder uses generative AI to populate course content based on your topic of choice, then allows you to customise and perfect your course using the WYSIWYG editor. Add pictures, quizzes, videos and more to your course, then publish and distribute the course easily online.

Save time and money with eSkilled’s AI Course Creator!

Seamless Course Creator Integration with eSkilled LMS

eSkilled’s AI Course Creator is available as a standalone subscription, but it also seamlessly integrated with the eSkilled’s Learning Management System to make it easy to rapidly author courses and then deliver training via the LMS.

Explore the Possibilities at eSkilled AI Course Creator

We invite you to explore the AI Course Creator Tool on eSkilled’s newly launched website: Here, you’ll find detailed information about the tool’s features, benefits, and how it can transform your teaching experience.

Join the AI Course Creator Revolution

The AI Course Creator Tool marks a new era in education, where technology and expertise converge to create a learning environment that adapts to the needs of every student. Embrace the future of education with Precision RTO Resources and eSkilled.

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