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Precision RTO Resources has partnered with eSkilled e-Learning, Australia’s leading e-Learning resource developer, to provide matching e-Learning materials for training resources. Deliver seamless training online and in the classroom with both training materials and e-Learning resources. Purchase training resources with online learning materials.

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Integrate RTO Materials and e-Learning Resources into Your Learning Management System

Plug the e-Learning resources directly into your LMS and start delivering the course as soon as possible! You can upload both the training materials and e-Learning resources into your LMS and deliver training exactly the way you want it.

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Code Name
Certificate II in Parks and Gardens
Certificate III in Parks and Gardens
Certificate I in Workplace Skills
Certificate II in Workplace Skills
Certificate III in Business
Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business
Certificate III of Work Health and Safety
Certificate IV in Business
Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business
Certificate IV in Human Resource Management
Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (Release 1)
Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication
Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
Diploma of Business
Diploma of Human Resource Management
Diploma of Leadership and Management
Diploma of Marketing and Communication
Certificate III in Work Health and Safety
Diploma of Quality Auditing
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What Can You Do with RTO Materials and e-Learning Resources?

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Improve Engagement

Provide engaging online training with interactive user interface and narrated learning content. These features help gain and retain knowledge!

Better Accessibility

Access the e-Learning materials anytime and on any device as long as you’re using a compatible LMS. Learners can train on the go and whenever they want!

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Self-Paced Study

Self-paced learning is possible with great self-marking quizzes for each chapter. Students can self-study easily—no need for extra trainer support!

Want to Try Our e-Learning Resources That Best Match Your RTO Learning and Assessment Materials?

Deliver Training Right Away with eSkilled LMS

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RTO Course Materials Built-in Straight to Your LMS

If you don’t have a learning management system yet, eSkilled provides an amazing LMS equipped with a host of tools and features to ensure your RTO can deliver incredible online training.

When you secure Precision RTO Resources training materials and matching e-Learning resources, eSkilled can build the courses directly into your LMS. Save time, effort, and money by getting everything you need in the same place.

Don’t worry about putting the course materials into the system. You can deliver training straight away when you subscribe to eSkilled LMS and secure Precision RTO Resources training materials with e-Learning resources. Purchase training resources with ready-to-use RTO materials online for your LMS.

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