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RTO Resources for SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation

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SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation RTO Training Resources

Precision RTO Resources partners with eSkilled to provide exceptional SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation RTO resources with e-Learning resources.

Buy quality SIS30122 RTO resources now and prepare your students for success by equipping them with necessary skills to thrive in sport, aquatics and recreational services careers.

Upgrade your hospitality training now with our quality SIS30122 RTO Resources and enjoy exceptional benefits and features, including:

  • Unlimited Digital Student Licence
  • Audit Rectification Assistance Guarantee
  • Free Updates
  • Editable Digital Format
  • Validation Acceptance Certificate
  • Simulated Business Site (where applicable)

The SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation RTO training resources come with quality learning materials and assessment tools.

SIS30122 RTO Materials’ Learning Resources Inclusions

  • Learner Resource
  • Learning Activity Booklet
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Learning Resource Mapping Tool

SIS30122 RTO Training Resources’ Assessment Materials Inclusion

  • Assessor Assessment Pack
  • Learner Assessment Pack
  • Observation Forms and Assessors’ Checklist
  • Assessment Mapping Tool

Upgrade your training by securing eSkilled e-Learning resources for your SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation RTO materials. The SIS30122 e-Learning resources are loaded with helpful features like:

  • Structured e-Learning Content
  • Narrated Audio Content
  • Interactive Elements
  • Self-Marking Quiz
  • Plug-and-Play Installation

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Product Details

SIS30122 Training Resources

Our SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation RTO materials come with an unlimited student licence that allows you to train as many students as you want.
The SIS30122 training resources are available in editable digital format, making it easier for you to contextualise, customise and modify its contents to suit your brand.
We provide free updates for the SIS30122 RTO resources in case of regulatory or legislative changes. Additionally, you can enjoy free audit rectification assistance to address any non-compliance found in our SIS30122 RTO training materials during official audits.

SIS30122 Learning Resources

Learner Resource
A comprehensive textbook included in your SIS30122 materials that the students need to acquire essential skills and industry-relevant knowledge to excel in sport, aquatics, and recreational services career.

Learning Activity Booklet
The student booklet features formative activities with clear description while the trainer’s booklet provides the benchmark answers for the activities.

PowerPoint Presentation
Enjoy ready-to-use presentations for the SIS30122 RTO materials, saving you time and effort in creating a new one.

Learning Resource Mapping Tool
Easily demonstrate compliance with a comprehensive Excel file that maps unit requirements to their corresponding sections in the learner resources and PowerPoint presentations.

SIT1SIS30122 Assessment Materials

Assessor Assessment Pack
A SIS30122 training materials’ guide for assessors containing clear instructions and benchmark answers to ensure accurate and consistent evaluation of students’ competency.

Learner Assessment Pack
The workbook containing assessments students need to complete. It contains various assessment methods and detailed instructions on what constitutes a satisfactory response.

Observation Forms and Assessors’ Checklist
Comprehensive tools for SIS30122 learning materials designed for assessors to evaluate students’ performance and competency effectively and consistently.

Assessment Mapping Tool
Make compliance demonstration a breeze with this comprehensive excel file that maps elements and performance criteria to their corresponding items in the learner assessment pack.

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e-Learning Resources

SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation e-Learning Resources

Take your training to another level with exceptional SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation e-Learning resources.

Published by eSkilled, Australia’s premier e-Learning resource developer, the SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation can help in elevating your students’ training experience and learning outcomes.

The SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation e-Learning resources comes with a wealth of helpful features, including:

Structured e-Learning Content
Improve learning outcomes through effective training using easy-to-follow and comprehensive SIS30122 e-Learning resources.

Narrated Audio
Be inclusive in your training delivery with narrated audio content designed to help ESL students, learners with reading difficulties, and individuals with auditory learning style.

Interactive Elements
Enhance student engagement with interactive and clickable elements that create an enriched environment while promoting knowledge retention.

Self-Marking Quiz
Reduce the time your trainers need to evaluate students’ submissions and promote self-paced learning with self-marking quizzes after each chapter.

Plug-and-Play Installation
Integrate and launch your new SIS30122 e-Learning resources in any SCORM/HTML5 compliant learning management system.

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SIS30122 RTO Training Resources

Secure complete SIS30122 training resources for your Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation training. Get learning resources and assessment tools for the required 15 units of competency, consisting of 6 core units and 9 elective units for the SIS30122 training.

Create a personalised package by choosing your preferred elective units below.

Core Units
BSBWHS308 Participate in WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control processes
HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety
SISXCCS004 Provide quality service
SISXEMR003 Respond to emergency situations
SISXFAC006 Maintain activity equipment
SISXIND011 Maintain sport, fitness and recreation industry knowledge

Elective Units
Group A – Customer Service Officer
SIRXOSM002 Maintain ethical and professional standards when using social media and online platforms
SIRXOSM003 Use social media and online tools
BSBINS302 Organise workplace information
BSBOPS301 Maintain business resources
BSBTEC201 Use business software applications
HLTAID011 Provide First Aid

Group C – Recreation Officer
HLTAID011 Provide First Aid
SISXPLD004 Facilitate groups
SISXPLD005 Facilitate inclusion for people with disability

Group D – Swim Teacher
HLTAID009 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
SISCAQU020 Perform water rescues
SISCAQU023 Plan swimming lessons
SISCAQU024 Teach water familiarisation, buoyancy and mobility skills
SISCAQU025 Teach water safety and survival skills
SISCAQU026 Teach swimming strokes

Group E — General Electives
AHCMOM203 Operate basic machinery and equipment
BSBCRT311 Apply critical thinking skills in a team environment
BSBPEF301 Organise personal work priorities
HLTAID014 Provide Advanced First Aid
HLTAID015 Provide advanced resuscitation and oxygen therapy
HLTINF006 Apply basic principles and practices of infection prevention and control
SIRXCEG002 Assist with customer difficulties
SISXFAC007 Maintain clean facilities
SISXFAC012 Promote safe and effective use of facilities
SISXFAM006 Coordinate sport, fitness and recreation events
SITEEVT022 Provide event production support
CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people
SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety

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Precision RTO Resources
The SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation training resources were developed by skilled and experienced learning resource developers at Precious RTO Resources.

For more information about the licencing, pricing, and terms and conditions of our SIS30122 materials and assessment tools, click here.

The SIS30122 Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics and Recreation e-Learning resources were developed by eSkilled, an award-winning e-Learning resource developer in Australia.

Visit eSkilled e-Learning for more information about their terms of sale and more e-Learning resources

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