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Harness the Power of Data: Enhance Your RTO with the Student Outcomes Survey 2023

Attention, RTOs! The Student Outcomes Survey 2023 is now in full swing, offering a unique opportunity to tap into valuable student perspectives and outcomes in vocational education and training (VET). Led by National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER), this annual survey aims to collect crucial information about students’ reasons for training, employment outcomes, training satisfaction, and further study achievements.

Unlock the Benefits of Student Outcomes Survey 2023 Results for Your RTO

Participating in the survey empowers your RTO with insights that can drive meaningful change and improvement. Here’s how your RTO can benefit:

  • Assess Quality and Identify Areas for Growth: Survey results highlight your RTO’s strengths and areas for improvement. Gain valuable feedback that enables you to develop targeted strategies for enhancing training delivery, curriculum, and support services. This continuous quality improvement approach ensures your RTO effectively meets your student’s needs and expectations.
  • Make Informed Decisions: The survey data serves as evidence to inform decision-making within your RTO. By analysing the results, you can make data-driven choices regarding program enhancements, resource allocation, and strategic planning. Align your offerings with industry demands and deliver training that generates positive outcomes for your students.
  • Enhance Your Reputation: Positive survey results contribute to your RTO’s reputation and credibility. When students report high satisfaction and positive outcomes, it enhances your standing within the industry and attracts potential students. Leverage survey results to showcase your commitment to delivering quality education and differentiate your RTO from the competition.

How to Encourage Student Participation

To maximise the impact of the Student Outcomes Survey, encourage your eligible students to participate. Here’s how you can support their engagement:

  • Communicate the Value: Highlight the significance of their input and how it improves the quality and relevance of vocational training. Emphasising their voice matters and can drive positive change within the VET system.
  • Provide Clear Instructions: Share the survey link ( and ensure students have the login code provided in their survey invitation. Clarify the survey’s timeline, let them know it closes in mid-August 2023, and emphasise the importance of timely participation.
  • Engage and Educate: Organise information sessions or workshops to educate students about the survey’s purpose and encourage their participation. Address any questions or concerns they may have, fostering a sense of involvement and empowerment.

Maximise the Impact of Student Outcomes Survey Insights

Upon survey completion, eligible RTOs receive personalised reports that offer a comprehensive view of their students’ employment outcomes, training satisfaction, perceived benefits, and training relevance. Leverage these reports to drive improvement and demonstrate your RTO’s commitment to student success.

Furthermore, the overall survey results will be made available through publications on NCVER’s website. Gain valuable insights into VET student outcomes, apprentice and trainee achievements, and international student performance in VET qualifications. Utilise this data to inform strategic planning, enhance program offerings, and stay ahead of industry demands.

Join forces with the NCVER and the Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations to shape the future of vocational education and training. For more information about the Student Outcomes Survey, access to the survey questionnaire, or publications related to the survey, visit the NCVER website. For specific inquiries or detailed statistical information, reach out to or

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