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National Skills Agreement: Boosting VET Completion Rates

VET completion rates

Improving the VET completion rates of programs is set to become a major focus of the National Skills Agreement, according to Minister for Skills and Training Brendan O’Connor. In his recent speech in South Australia, O’Connor shared his plans to collaborate with state and territory ministers to explore ways to boost completion rates, hovering around just over 50% for almost a decade.

But this isn’t just an issue for government and education providers – O’Connor wants to hear from everyone. “I’m inviting people to put forward their views as to how do we improve the approach because, to date, the just over 50 per cent completion rate…is not acceptable,” he said.

Here’s How to Improve VET Completion Rates According to Minister O’Connor

So, what’s the solution? O’Connor suggests investing in areas where there is emerging and existing demand, as students are more likely to see the connection between their education and future employment opportunities. Another key factor is engaging more with industry and training providers like TAFEs, which can boost apprentices’ confidence in using their newly acquired skills in the labour market.

The National Skills Agreement will pave the way for a brighter future for VET students, and with the input of industry and the wider community, it can help more students complete their training and achieve their career goals.

How Can Registered Training Organisations Help Improve VET Completion Rates

Meanwhile, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) have a crucial role to play in improving VET completion rates. You can contribute to boosting VET completion rates by delivering high-quality training and offering flexible delivery modes that accommodate the needs of learners. You can also work closely with industry experts to ensure your training programs are relevant and meet the needs of workforce.

With these efforts, you can help ensure that VET students are better equipped to succeed in the labour market and contribute to Australia’s economic growth.

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