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As seen in RTO Management Magazine

I think if you asked most trainers what the most difficult part of their job is; the answers would come back along the following lines:

  • It is really difficult to get the learners to complete assessments
  • Too little time for effective training delivery
  • Resistance in learners

There may be many more complaints, but in my experience, these are important and manageable ones – and once dealt with, allow the others to fall away. Read more.

“I attended the VELG summit on Monday and one of the things in my goodie bag was a copy of RTO Management Magzine and in it was Precision Group’s article Making Training Engaging and Eggciting. The article was wonderful! I have two clinical trainers who feel a bit unsure of their training techniques, mostly because they felt their TAE training left a bit to be desired. Also their training duties form a very small part of what they do on a day to day basis and they have nothing to compare what they do to what others do. The students they train think they are wonderful and as adult students they appreciate the way the girls interact with them. I think your article, which I have given them to have a look at, reinforced that what they are doing is engaging their students and passing the knowledge on to them in an effective way. Thank you again for this wonderful and illuminating article and I look forward to seeing your book.”

Maralan Southern, Training Coordinator: Medical Assisting