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Jobs and Skills Council for Health and Other Sectors in Australia: How HumanAbility Works and What You Need to Know

jobs and skills council for health and human services, early education and sports and recreation

The new Jobs and Skills Councils (JSC) in Australia, including the health and human services jobs and skills council and other sectors or the HumanAbility, have been introduced to replace the previous system of Industry Reference Committees and Skills Service Organisations. The said JSC will provide advice and leadership for several industries, including health, early childhood education and care, human services, and sport and recreation.

How Will the Jobs and Skills Council for Health and 3 Other Sectors Work?

The jobs and skills council for health and three other industries comprises around 30 organisations, including industry organisations, employers, unions, and consumer organisations. Per their introduction bulletin, the said JSC will work with industry stakeholders to:

  • Research and identify the job demands
  • Determine the current and future skills that employers require
  • Develop qualifications and training packages that meet the needs of the industry, and
  • Lead workforce development initiatives.

The new JSCs are part of the Australian government’s policy shift to a more inclusive approach aligned with Jobs and Skills Australia. They will have a wider range of responsibilities compared to the previous system as a national network of industry-governed and industry-led organisations.
They aim to ensure that their work is well-informed by stakeholders across the country and their sectors of interest.

According to a statement released by the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (the organisation that will lead HumanAbility), its Chief Executive Kylie Woolcock stated, “we look forward to collaborating across the sectors to ensure we develop the workforce that the health sector needs, now and into the future.”

The jobs and skills council for health and three other sectors wants to listen to stakeholders on the vital issues that need to be discussed in supporting workforce and workforce development. HumanAbility is required to develop and implement workforce planning processes.

Their goal is to ensure that their workforce and qualifications plans are grounded in a deeper knowledge of and responsiveness to the needs of employers and employees in the sectors they cover.

Read our article on Australia’s VET Sector with Jobs & Skills Council here.

HumanAbility’s Approach

HumanAbility plans to collaborate with stakeholders and members through continuous consultation forums and time-limited and ad hoc consultation forums to address specific projects or issues. These industry advisory committees include:

  • Children’s Education and Care;
  • Health & Human Services;
  • Aged & Disability Care and Support; and
  • Sport & Recreation.

Plus, the jobs and skills council for health and three sectors plans to create bigger forums for industry leaders, education providers, small & regional service providers, and students. These forums will focus on exploring directions for industries, receiving feedback, addressing specific needs, and listening to students.

What can RTOs Do to Help the New HumanAbility – Health and Human Services Jobs and Skills Council

If you or your RTO are interested in participating in one or more of the advisory committees when they are formed, please let HumanAbility know by emailing them at The new JSCs are keen to ensure the widest and best possible range of voices are heard from industry stakeholders.

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