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Changes to Standards for RTOs in 2024: Approved by Skills Ministers

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The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) has announced that significant changes to the current Standards for Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) have been given the green light by Skills Ministers, preceding broader revisions. These adjustments to the standards for RTOs in 2024 are geared towards promptly addressing challenges in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

Significant Adjustments in the New Standards for RTOs

The endorsed early changes concentrate on areas that garnered extensive support during prior consultations. Some noteworthy modifications include:

Integration of New Training Products

The revisions encompass the inclusion of new and updated training products from the Training and Education (TAE) Training Package.

Recognition of Qualifications for Trainers

Individuals with an education degree or qualifications enabling registration as a secondary school teacher can now serve as trainers and assessors in any VET context under supervision.

Enhanced Pathways for Certificate IV and Diploma Pursuers

Those actively pursuing a Certificate IV or Diploma from the TAE Training Package can now actively contribute to training and assessment under supervision.

Expanded Role for Industry Experts

Industry experts now have the opportunity to deliver training alongside trainers and assessors, broadening their involvement in the assessment process.

Alignment with Fit and Proper Person Requirements

RTOs’ responsibilities concerning high managerial agents and executive officers are clarified to ensure adherence to the Fit and Proper Person Requirements.

Minor Clarifications and Amendments

Various adjustments, including permitting individuals involved in training to partake in validation processes, terminological changes, and broadening the definition of ‘educational and support services.’

These changes to the current standards for RTOs in 2024 have been developed collaboratively and subjected to testing with valuable input from key stakeholders, encompassing states and territories, VET regulators, RTO peak bodies, and industry stakeholders.

Implementation of these transformative changes is slated to commence in March 2024. For comprehensive details and updates in the new standards for RTOs, interested parties are encouraged to visit the DEWR website.

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