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Major Boost in South Australia’s Skills and Training Sector Budget 2023/24

South Australia’s Skills and Training sector is about to experience an incredible boost, thanks to a generous injection of funding unveiled in the recent South Australian Budget 2023/24. This South Australia’s Skills and Training sector budget funding aims to combat the scarcity of skilled workers and pave the way for a thriving future.

Treasurer Stephen Mulligan emphasised the vital role of investing in skills and training initiatives, highlighting their significance in propelling South Australia’s economic growth and seizing upcoming opportunities. With this renewed commitment, the government is set to make a resounding impact on the state’s workforce landscape.

Increased Funding for Targeted Training Subsidies in South Australia’s Skills and Training Sector Budget

To support this initiative, the government has allocated $28 million to increase targeted training subsidies for not-for-profit and industry-based training providers. This investment aims to enhance the quality of training in various sectors and industries crucial for the state’s future.

Establishing the Regional Skills Development Fund

South Australia’s Skills and Training Sector budget also sets aside $10.2 million for the establishment of a new Regional Skills Development Fund. This fund will enable TAFE SA (Technical and Further Education South Australia) to expand its regional and rural South Australia course offerings. This significant funding allocation directly addresses the feedback received during the government’s Country Cabinet visits.

Supporting TAFE SA with Additional and New Funding

Recognising the evolving landscape of skills education, TAFE SA will receive an additional $12.2 million in funding, alleviating the burden of revenue targets. It acknowledges the positive changes within the skills system, including the introduction of Fee Free TAFE.

To ensure that training aligns with the needs of students and industries, a new $9 million skills fund will be established. This fund will empower TAFE SA, not-for-profit organisations, and industry-based training providers to invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting-edge equipment, and advanced technology. By doing so, they can deliver training programs tailored to meet the pressing demands of skill shortages and industry needs.

Continued Support for Group Training Organisations

With the increased funding in South Australia’s Skills and Training Sector budget, Group Training Organisations will receive $4.2 million over four years through the continuation of the Boost program. This program specifically supports apprentices and trainees by hiring them and placing them with host employers.

Expanding the Master Builders Born to Build Program

Furthermore, the Master Builders Born to Build program will receive an additional $225,000 over three years. This funding extension aims to expand the program’s reach to the Adelaide Footy League, which will actively support recruiting aspiring construction apprentices.

Government’s Commitment to Addressing Skills Shortages and Improving Completion Rates

Negotiations with the Commonwealth government are underway to secure funding for a new five-year National Skills Agreement, which is also included in the budget provision.

These diverse initiatives exemplify the unwavering commitment of the South Australian government to tackle skills shortages and enhance completion rates in vocational training. The government has already taken substantial steps towards this goal, such as establishing five new technical colleges, increasing funding for TAFE SA, restoring courses in early childhood education and aged care, and promptly allocating $13.7 million to address the pressing skills crisis in the state. These investments reflect the government’s dedication to creating a skilled workforce and ensuring a thriving future for South Australia.

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