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TAE and FSK Training Package Technical Reference Group Established

In response to the concerns raised by registered training organisations (RTOs) regarding the lack of guidance on technical issues related to the TAE (Training and Education) and FSK (Foundation Skills) training packages, the Australian Government has taken action. The TAE and FSK training package technical reference group (TRG) has been established after strong lobbying by the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) to provide support and expertise to RTOs in adopting these packages.

Addressing RTO Concerns: Establishing the TAE and FSK Training Package Technical Reference Group

The establishment of the TAE and FSK training package technical reference group comes after the decision to exclude the TAE training package from the purview of the newly formed Jobs and Skills Councils (JSC). This decision was based on ongoing reviews and reforms associated with training delivery, including developing the VET (Vocational Education and Training) Workforce Blueprint. Consequently, RTOs lacked a dedicated point of contact to seek guidance on technical matters related to the TAE and FSK training packages.

Understanding the vital role of supporting foundational skills training and the broader skills training sector, the inter-governmental Skills and Workforce Ministerial Council took action by temporarily entrusting the Australian Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) to oversee the training packages. However, this decision sparked concerns among RTOs regarding the availability of the necessary infrastructure to provide technical guidance on the TAE and FSK training packages.

In response to these concerns, ITECA took steps to address the issue by collaborating with stakeholders, including TAFE Directors Australia, and engaging in strategic advocacy. Through these efforts and forming partnerships, they successfully lobbied the government for a positive outcome. As a result, the TAE and FSK training package technical reference group was established as a temporary solution. RTOs delivering the TAE training package can now benefit from staying informed about the latest developments through regular ITECA Training & Assessment Interest Group meetings.

TRG’s Partnership with DEWR for TAE and FSK Training Packages

Andrew Shae, appointed by the Australian government, serves as the Chair of the TRG. This small, time-limited group will work closely with the DEWR to develop effective strategies for the TAE and FSK training packages. It serves as a platform for RTOs, states, territories, and industry stakeholders to come together, contribute their expertise, and ensure the high-quality delivery of these training packages.

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