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The 7 Benefits of e-Learning your RTO should capitalise on

Benefits of e-Learning Your RTO should Capitalise on Blog Image

Online learning isn’t new, but the pandemic has certainly forced many RTOs to reimagine how they deliver training to meet student and industry needs. An ITECA survey conducted in 2020 revealed a third of providers experienced a reduction of more than 70% in student enrolments for face-to-face training, and 71.7% experienced an overall decrease. Online training delivery allowed many RTOs to quickly adapt and broader their student pool during a tough economic time. Due to the many e-Learning benefits students and RTOs realised, e-Learning has continued to grow in popularity. This article explores the 7 benefits of e-Learning for RTOs and talks about our eLearning pricing models.

7 Spectacular e-Learning Benefits for RTOs


  1. Increase student performance

    One of the most significant benefits of e-Learning, is that research has found students retain 25 – 60% more information through online learning than in traditional classroom settings.

    Since most classes are self-paced, students can study at a time and pace that works for them, reducing stress levels and increasing academic performance. Additionally, students can easily log into their classes with their gadget of choice making learning more accessible and convenient.

    Higher student performance often leads to a more satisfied learner and customer, increasing the likelihood of referral business. Completion rates are especially important for RTOs whose funding relies on student course completions.

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  2. Higher student engagement

    Another key e-Learning benefit is boosted student engagement, since it uses multimedia materials that a traditional classroom setting may be limited in using. The e-Learning resources use multimedia platforms to complement different learning modes, whether they’re visual, aural, or kinaesthetic learners.

    Student experience is an important part of ASQA’s performance assessment which can dictate your compliance results. Having a higher student engagement can mean your students are responding well to your RTO’s training and assessment strategy, thereby improving your audit report.

    We at Precision RTO Resources offer e-Learning materials on our expansive catalogue. These e-Learning resources are designed with interactive elements and content narration so your training can accommodate all learning styles. Boost your students’ engagement and performance while easing your trainers’ workload with our RTO materials optimised for e-Learning.

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  3. Better data and analytics tracking

    In-person assessments are typically evaluated through traditional, manual methods which can be time consuming and doesn’t enable the most effective reporting. Having to maintain paper records is costly and inefficient, especially if you have a large intake of students each year.

    One of the most popular e-Learning benefits that RTOs love is using online or electronic tools to streamline their work processes. A good Learning Management System (LMS) automates tasks allowing RTOs to organise virtual classes and assessments while quickly analysing reports for monitoring and improvement.

  4. Scalable

    It’s incredible to think that students can now learn anytime, anywhere because of e-Learning. In addition, RTO trainers are given more time back in their day, since training and reporting is streamlined online and with the help of online teaching tools.

    Before e-Learning, scaling up was difficult since it would require a tremendous amount of money and effort to plan the logistics of creating another office outside Australia. RTOs would have to deal with another round of compliance, and at the same time look for trainers abroad who may have different skills from what is required by Australia’s VET industry.

    e-Learning makes operating internationally possible because your RTO won’t have to deal with the logistical issues previously mentioned. With the right LMS, as well, you can pre-recorded e-Lectures, so your RTO can distribute as many lectures, to as many students as possible, anywhere in the world.

    Planning to change your RTOs scope of registration? Read our Step-by-step Guide.

  5. Time-efficient

    With better data and analytics tracking, LMS integrations and accessibility, your RTO can save more time with e-Learning features that help to simplify your training processes and simplify compliance reporting. Instead of working hours organising data and worrying about possible compliance risks, you can rest easy knowing your LMS is doing the job for you.

    An LMS also offers spectacular advantages for your RTO since it includes training tools your trainers and assessors can use immediately. Use narrated content features or self-assessment tools to maximise training. With a suitable LMS, you’ll save so much time and effort.

  6. Teacher scarcity

    One issue RTOs face is a lack of trainers in a specific course they are offering, limiting enrolment numbers – especially when you further factor in geographic limitations related to in-person delivery.

    With e-Learning, you’ll be able to pre-record training sessions and distribute them to as many students as possible without worrying about your trainers’ workload. Since a lot of LMS platforms also offer online resources that give learners more autonomy, your trainers will be freed up from non-critical interactions to focus on other work, or mentoring students one-on-one.

  7. Cost-effective

    Because you don’t have to worry about the operational costs of maintaining a physical classroom or paying utilities, you’ll have more resources to enhance your training delivery.

    Precision RTO Resources has partnered with eSkilled, an e-Learning solutions provider, to give RTOs the resources and the systems they need for effective online training delivery.

e-Learning Wrap Up

There are many advantages of e-Learning, but this list explores 7 benefits of e-Learning that RTOs benefit from when investing in the right e-Learning products.

The current market is full of online training tools, with eLearning pricing models varying from affordable to expensive. While purchasing inexpensive resources can be tempting for RTOs aiming to save, it can cost them more in the long run.

For one, buying low-cost e-Learning resources might compromise training and assessment content, resulting in your RTO doing more work in the long run. Not to mention the many compliance risks RTOs may face with subpar resources.

Aside from e-Learning resources, RTOs also need to think about their choice of LMS. Choosing the simplest, most inexpensive option may be alright for now. The main problem is these learning management systems may not be future-proof. These tools work well now, but will they still have the features you need after 2 or more years? Are they being developed by people who know the VET landscape well?

Thinking of getting an LMS for e-Learning? Read 5 LMS Features to Consider When Choosing the Best LMS for You

Precision RTO Resources offers a plug-and-play format that lets you integrate your training resources your LMS of choice. Our unlimited student licence with a one-time mode of payment offers endless possibilities for your RTO to enrol as many students as possible without extra fees—whether international or domestic. You’ll also get editable digital formats that you can rebrand and contextualise, giving you unlimited use of training materials that meet your RTO’s needs in the long run.

For a complete online training delivery solution, we highly-recommend eSkilled’s LMS and add-on LMS course builds. We’ve partnered with eSkilled to turn our comprehensive learning resources and validated assessment tools to use for seamless training. Save thousands with a monthly subscription for courses instead of purchasing all courses individually.

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