BSBPMG636 Manage benefits RTO Resources with e-Learning Materials
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BSBPMG636 Manage benefits RTO Materials with eLearning Resources

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The BSBPMG636 Manage benefits is current.

BSBPMG636 Manage benefits RTO Learning Materials

With the BSBPMG636 Manage benefits training resource package, your RTO can deliver the best training experience for your students. Your training materials come complete with the following:

  • Learner Guides
  • Assessment Tools and Workbooks
  • Assessor Guides
  • Simulated Workplace
  • Unlimited student licence

The BSBPMG636 Manage benefits training materials come in an unlocked, editable digital format so you can deliver and assess these courses with no ongoing fees.

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BSBPMG636 RTO Training Materials

These training materials are delivered in editable digital format so you can easily modify, customise, and re-brand your training materials as you see fit. Print or upload these resources to your LMS for easy distribution.

The training resources come with an unlimited student license so you can train as many students as you want.


BSBPMG636 Manage benefits Learner Resources

Secure the BSBPMG636 Manage benefits training resource package today so you can start delivering premium training to your learners!

The BSBPMG636 Manage benefits training resources were developed by a skilled development team working in collaboration with numerous subject matter experts. These RTO training resources provide content that is current and relevant to the industry.

Your new BSBPMG636 course materials include:

Learner Guide

Your Learner Guide contains information and formative assessments to make sure your students develop the necessary skills and knowledge. This training material is delivered in an editable digital format so you can easily contextualise this resource to suit your course delivery.

The BSBPMG636 Manage benefits Learner Guide can be printed out and can also be uploaded to your Learning Management System (LMS) for ease of distribution.

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BSBPMG636 Manage benefits Assessment Tools

The BSBPMG636 Manage benefits RTO resources have awesome assessment tools with detailed but easy-to-understand instructions for trainers or assessors.

Your training package assessment tools include:

Assessment Workbooks

Include summative assessment tasks like projects, practical observations, short answers, and case studies to assess your students’ competency.

Assessor Guide

Contains instructions and benchmark answers for your trainer and assessors to use. These workbooks and guides are also mapped to the Learner Guide to make it easy for your trainers and assessors to plan sessions or create study plans.

Mapping Guide

Your BSBPMG636 Manage benefits training resource package includes a detailed mapping master matrix to complement the mapping documentation found in the assessor guide.

For more information, get in touch with us! Enquire now to get free samples of the BSBPMG636 Manage benefits RTO training resources.

BSBPMG636 Manage benefits e-Learning Resources

Provide outstanding online training when you add BSBPMG636 Manage benefits e-Learning resources to your training package.

The BSBPMG636 Manage benefits training materials have matching e-Learning resources developed by eSkilled, Australia’s leading e-Learning developer.

Your e-Learning materials enhance the training materials with advanced features such as:

Structured e-Learning Content

Coherent and easy-to-understand learning materials to match the information on the BSBPMG636 Manage benefits learner resources.

Narrated Audio

The learner resources are further enhanced with the narrated audio content function. Choose to read or listen to the course materials! This makes it easier for students with LLN needs to easily navigate the course content with minimal trainer support.

Interactive Elements

Clickable and interactive elements in the e-Learning resources! That means students can engage with the learning materials better and have better knowledge retention, as well. Keep students engaged and provide a better learning environment.

Self Marking Quiz for Each Chapter

Students can test their own comprehension with quizzes after each chapter. They can go back to check where they need to improve without extra support from trainers. Make self-paced online learning easy with BSBPMG636 Manage benefits e-Learning!

Plug-And-Play Installation

The BSBPMG636 Manage benefits e-Learning materials are provided in HTML5/SCORM compliant format which means they’re easy to install! Compatible with popular LMS like Canva, Moodle, and the like.

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Enhance your training with the Bounce Fitness simulated business website! With this tool, your students can be immersed in a realistic business environment to gain pertinent knowledge and skills.

The Bounce Fitness simulated workplace is best for students who don’t have access to an actual workplace. This user-friendly environment contains heaps of documents that will assist learners in completing their course.

The one-off upfront fee includes access to the simulated environment. Bounce Fitness is accessible for the lifetime of each unit you licence. There is only one set of login credentials for trainers and students, so you don’t have to worry about creating a unique set of logins for everyone!

A Look Inside the Simulated Business Site

Receive access to the simulated workplace for the lifetime of each unit you licence. Also, you will have adequate time to teach-out and transition your students when a training package changes.

Hundreds of documents commonly found in a workplace. Your students can easily access office documents such as templates and forms, policies and procedures, minutes of meetings, organisation charts, role descriptions, and more!

Various simulation resources. From role play scenarios to case studies, you can integrate these simulations into your training resources to further improve your training delivery and assessment!

Beneficial for both students and employed learner cohorts. Employed learners can use, either their own organisation’s resources or the simulated business resources, depending on which is more convenient and appropriate. For unemployed learners, they can use the simulated business resources and still achieve the same desired learning outcomes.

Downloadable and printable files. Perfect for supporting all types of delivery and learning methods – whether online, face-to-face or blended learning!

Documents in PDF format. The format that the library of resources in Bounce Fitness comes in makes it easy for distribution to support your training delivery needs.

Note: Some resources for superseded qualifications and units have access to a different version of Bounce Fitness that is shown above. However, all versions of simulated workspaces have similar tools and features stated here.

Contact us today to get a full view of what you can expect from this innovative feature. Fill in the form with your details so we can get back to you as soon as possible!

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Compliant Learning Resources (CLR) developed the BSBPMG636 Manage benefits training resources. CLR owns, licenses, warranties, and supports these RTO materials. Check out the CLR terms of sale here.

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About eSkilled

The e-Learning materials were developed by eSkilled, a Precision RTO Resources e-Learning partner. For more information about eSkilled, click here.