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PUA Training Package - Public Safety

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We have a wide range of high-quality PUA training resources that are designed to suit every RTO’s needs. Heaps of PUA training materials are available that will allow you to deliver in various fields on Public Safety such as Prevent Injury and Respond to Facility Emergencies among many others.

Secure your resources from our vast selection of the in-demand PUA training package and be a leading RTO in the VET industry.

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Code Name
Identify, prevent and report potential facility emergency situations
Confine small emergencies in a facility
Identify, prevent and report potential workplace emergency situations
Develop and organise public safety awareness programs
Respond to facility emergencies
Respond to urban fire
Prevent injury
Maintain safety at an incident scene
Operate as part of an emergency control organisation
Implement and monitor organisational work, health and safety policies, procedures and programs

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