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Exceptional RII RTO Training Materials

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Code Name
Certificate I in Resources and Infrastructure Operations
Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure Work Preparation
Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations
Certificate II in Underground Coal Mining
Certificate II in Underground Metalliferous Mining
Certificate II in Resource Processing
Certificate II in Mining/Field Exploration
Certificate II in Civil Construction
Certificate II in Bituminous Surfacing
Certificate II in Drilling Operations
Certificate II in Drilling Oil/Gas (Offshore)
Certificate II in Oil & Gas Drilling (Onshore) and Well Servicing
Certificate III in Underground Coal Operations
Certificate III in Underground Metalliferous Mining
Certificate III in Resource Processing
Certificate III in Mining Exploration
Certificate III in Small Mining Operations
Certificate III in Emergency Response and Rescue
Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations
Certificate III in Civil Construction
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Are you ready to take your registered training organisation (RTO) to the next level? Precision RTO Resources is your trusted partner in accessing a world of meticulously crafted RII RTO resources designed to meet compliance requirements and empower your RTO with great training resources to deliver quality courses and training services to your students.

Elevate Your RTO with Our Extensive RII RTO Resources Catalogue

At Precision RTO Resources, we understand that the education landscape is ever-evolving. That’s why we tailor our extensive range of RII RTO materials to cater to the dynamic needs of your students. Delve into a diverse array of resources and infrastructure industry qualifications and competency units, including:

Resources and Infrastructure Operations

Resources and Infrastructure Work Preparation

Surface Extraction Operations

Underground Coal Mining

Resource Processing

Precision RTO Resources: Your Trusted Partner for Excellence in RII Training

We are proud of our strong commitment to excellence, which is demonstrated by our track record of awards, accolades, and positive testimonials from satisfied clients. This reflects our dedication to delivering RTO materials of the highest quality.
LearnX Award Gold
Australian Achiever Award
Australian Small Business Award

Find Out What Other RTOs Think About Our Training Resources

Hear it straight from fellow RTOs! Gain valuable insights about our compliant learning resources and other RTO training resources for sale from our extensive catalogue of RTO materials shared by industry colleagues.

Fostering Student Growth with Comprehensive RII RTO Training Materials

Our mission goes beyond merely ticking checkboxes; we create resources that keep your RTO at the forefront of industry trends. By choosing our resources and infrastructure industry learning materials, you arm your RTO with the essential tools to guarantee student triumph.

Feature-Rich RII RTO Training Resources at Your Fingertips

Our RII training resources are carefully developed to align with best industry standards and address the requirements of your students. Partnering with Precision RTO Resources provides your RTO with a valuable collection of RII learning materials and assessment resources for the resources & infrastructure industry, featuring:
Unlimited Student Licences

Train as many students as needed without incurring additional costs.

comprehensive learning icon
Comprehensive Learner Resources and Trainer Manual

Enhance your training and assessment with practical exercises, formative assessments, and captivating PowerPoint presentations.

reliable assessment tools icon
Detailed Assessment Tools

Ensure accurate and standardised assessments with benchmark answers in the assessor assessment pack.

Detailed Mapping
Mapping Matrix

Guide trainers and learners with an exclusive tool outlining unit and assessment requirements.

Editable, Printable, and Uploadable Format
Editable Digital Format

Tailor your RII RTO training materials to match each student's unique needs and learning outcomes.

Simulated Sites
Simulated Business Website

Provide real-world context and support to students without work experience or current workplace.

Matching Materials
Optional Matching e-Learning Resources

Elevate student engagement and retention with interactive content and self-marking quizzes.

assessment pack icon
Record of Assessment

Simplify tracking and confirmation of completed student assessments.

Secure Your Comprehensive RII Training Resources Today.