SHBBSKS007 Provide diathermy treatments RTO Training Resources
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SHBBSKS007 Provide diathermy treatments RTO Materials

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The SHBBSKS007 Provide diathermy treatments is current.

SHBBSKS007 Provide diathermy treatments RTO Learning Materials

Order the SHBBSKS007 Provide diathermy treatments training materials today. Developed with the help of industry experts and professionals, these resources are here to provide the latest and most relevant industry knowledge and practices.

Delivering excellent training is easy with these SHBBSKS007 Provide diathermy treatments training resources. These course materials have also been thoroughly mapped to the unit of competency for effective and efficient delivery.

Your learning and assessment resources provide your RTO with the tools it needs to deliver excellent training.

  • Mapping Documentation
  • Theory Assessment
  • Assessor Guide
  • Practical Assessment
  • Observation Checklist
  • Supporting Documentation
  • Third Party Report
  • Learner Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation

These training and assessment tools come in an editable digital format giving you the freedom to contextualise and modify the training materials as you see fit. And you can train as many students as you want through your RTO without any ongoing per student fees as the SHBBSKS007 Provide diathermy treatments comes with an unlimited student licence.

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SHBBSKS007 RTO Training Materials

Deliver the SHBBSKS007 Provide diathermy treatments course using these exemplary training materials. Quality VET Solutions, in collaboration with industry experts, developed these learning and assessment materials to the highest standards. Ensure you deliver the best training possible with these quality training and assessment materials.

These resources come in an editable digital format which lets you modify the training materials with ease. Contextualise the learning context to suit the needs of your students and learner cohorts. You can also rebrand the materials to promote your RTO!

The SHBBSKS007 Provide diathermy treatments course materials can be printed out for easy distribution. Or upload them directly to your LMS for online learning.

Your new training resources also come with an unlimited student licence so you can teach as many students as possible through your RTO without additional fees!


SHBBSKS007 Provide diathermy treatments Learner Resources

Your learning materials contain all the information students need to progress and complete the course.

Learner Guide

The learner guide has diagrams, images, and other helpful tools to make studying easier. It has relevant information pertaining to industry requirements to ensure your students have all the skills they need once they’ve finished the course.

PowerPoint Presentation

The PowerPoint Presentation is a handy tool for instructors and trainers during training. It also serves as a guide and additional study material for the students.


SHBBSKS007 Provide diathermy treatments Assessment Tools

All the assessment tools were created with the guidance of industry experts. You can rest assured that these assessment resources are applicable to the pertinent industries and subject matters.

Mapping Documentation

Give trainers an easier time during training with mapping documentation. Ensure all unit requirements are met with the help of this tool.

Assessor Guide

Have clear benchmarks when judging student competency and skills using the assessor guide. This comprehensive guide ensures your trainers follow a set standard when assessing the SHBBSKS007 Provide diathermy treatments course.

Observation Checklist

Efficiently conduct practical assessments with the observation checklist that details all the important criteria and areas your trainers must look for when judging competency.

Third Party Report

The Third Party Report makes verifying student workplace experience more efficient. It has questions that meet the criteria from the unit of competency. The report is also mapped to the unit so you can provide additional evidence to support student competency.

Various Assessments

You’ll find various assessment methods such as theory assessment and practical assessment in your SHBBSKS007 Provide diathermy treatments assessment kit to ensure your assessors can make satisfactory judgements with a clear set of standards. It’s important that your assessors can judge students’ abilities in different situations that are applicable to current industry standards and provide proof of those competencies.

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