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8 Great Benefits of e-Learning You Must Know

Benefits of e-learning

Electronic learning, also spelled e-learning or elearning, is one of the most popular methods of getting education and training across a wide range of disciplines. Even now, the industry’s popularity continues to expand rapidly because of improvements in educational technology, better accessibility and reach, and many other factors.

The number of educational institutions and RTOs shifting to e-Learning is skyrocketing because the demand for this mode of teaching is massive and continues to grow rapidly. Coincidentally, as of writing, movement restrictions and social distancing rules because of the coronavirus crisis have led to more demand for RTOs to deliver training online.

With changes in the industry and growing public perception and demand, bridging gaps now in training, skills, and education through e-learning has become timely.

If you want to know about the great benefits of e-Learning and why it is in demand, then read on.

What Are the Benefits of E-Learning?

1. Reduced Costs

E-Learning is typically more cost-effective compared to traditional learning delivery methods because learning happens more quickly and easily, resulting in more productive and shorter training cycles which then lead to smaller operational costs. High cost-efficiency usually means greater total revenues for training providers or schools and less expensive fees for students.

Some expenses like travel expenses, printed course resources, venue expenses, etc. are also either significantly reduced or eliminated. eLearning usually has a high cost-to-income ratio because of the reduced costs to maintain operations. This ratio typically scales very well even if an RTO or educational institution enrols more students.

2. Automation and Simplified Systems Greatly Reduce Admin/Management Tasks

There are tons of effective training, student, and learning management systems that RTOs use to streamline processes and organise data. If you’re an RTO offering elearning, then the Learning Management System is an invaluable tool that you should greatly invest in.

The LMS is a software system designed to automate or simplify various tasks. The system allows RTOs to store and sort data automatically, or generate data for reports or evidence, etc. With an LMS, processes are automated, drastically reducing tasks, paperwork, and the time needed to complete them.

Using an LMS will help eliminate some of the problems related to traditional training, so it is important to choose a robust learning management system that will help your RTO greatly. Read the 5 LMS Features When Choosing the Best LMS (Learning Management System) to know what to look for when acquiring an LMS.

3. Gives RTOs or Educational Institutions a Competitive Edge

Elearning may be a great way for RTOs to stand out from competitors who don’t offer elearning. Elearning makes use of current technological advancements and resources that traditional RTOs do not have.

Elearning content can also be very engaging, which in turn gives students a better and more fun training experience than they would have, had they trained with a traditional RTO.

4. Opens Learning Pathways to Some People

E-learning can be asynchronous. In which case, learners who are employed, or otherwise have some time constraints, will be allowed to decide when, where, and how to learn. For some demographics like employees or those running a business, etc. synchronous learning opens pathways to upskill or learn a new trade.

5. Students Can Learn More

IBM found in 2013 that e-learning participants can learn almost five times more material per hour of training compared to the traditional method. In other words, e-learning is a time-efficient way of learning.

This benefit does not only translate to a higher completion rate, but possibly to reduced costs, shorter training cycles, and higher income as well.

6. Gamification Makes E-Learning More Fun

Gamification is the application of gaming elements in non-game contexts to achieve more desirable outcomes. Using gamification on e-learning makes learning more fun and user-oriented. This “user-oriented” approach, coupled with a more informal learning environment, aims to make learning more fun, rewarding, and engaging for learners.

Registered training organisations who can put game design aspects in their learner materials will also stand out from competitors who typically have not incorporated gamification in their training strategy.

7. ELearning is Scalable

Scalability means the capability of your system to handle a growing amount of work. An RTO offering eLearning should have an LMS with good scalability so it could accommodate growth and make handling the organisation easier. Some good learning management systems can help your accommodate thousands of students in a single course – a huge benefit compared to instructor-led training!

The scalability of e-learning is its huge advantage over instructor-led training. Having e-learning systems in place that accommodate and scale with growth will make it faster for an RTO to thrive in the industry.

8. Australia’s Online Education Industry is Massively Growing

According to the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, the online education industry has expanded rapidly in Australia in the past five years, and the key to this growth is the increasing public perception of online courses.

Currently, there are over 1000 online education providers in Australia generating over A$3.3B in revenue. Many factors contribute to this massive industry such as advancements in educational technology and teaching, trends of reskilling and lifelong learning, the greater reliability of internet connections, mobile technology, etc.

In light of these amazing benefits that eLearning has over the traditional methods of delivering education, it’s easy to see why it is rapidly growing as a popular training method. If you want to be in a new and exciting space that is massively growing, then e-learning is the way to go!

Looking for e-Learning Resources?

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