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Bounce Fitness Has Migrated to a Faster Platform

Bounce Fitness Migration

We have migrated the Bounce Fitness site from SilverStripe to WordPress on the 2nd of July 2020! This move is our response to feedback from our clients and is in line with our continuous improvement process.

As the old site contains heaps of helpful documents such as policies and procedures, forms, templates, and other helpful files for learners, we migrated them to the new site.

There should be no downsides or disruptions to the training and assessment activities of your RTO with the transition to the popular content management system (CMS).

Wondering what great benefits to expect from the shift to WordPress? Read on.

How Will This Benefit Your RTO?

  • RTOs Were Given a Single Set of Login Credentials – since the migration, students have been easier to manage compared to the per-student access code scheme.
  • Platform Compatibility – WordPress is a more compatible CMS for Bounce Fitness, so the shift solves many of the accessibility issues that some clients have started to report.
  • More Secure Platform – the new platform boasts impressive security features and plugins which make it more secure than other CMS.
  • Future Proof Technology – WordPress is compatible with amazing plugins that boost its capabilities as a CMS — this means more amazing possibilities in the future!
  • Basic Site Structure Is Identical – Besides minor differences to the appearance of the site, the underlying structure and files remain the same — this means that the new site shouldn’t confuse previous users.

What Should You Remember?

  • All links to Bounce Fitness in the Precision Group training resources redirect to the new and improved site – you will be redirected to the new site if you use the link given to you.
  • Staff and students must use the new credentials to log into the new Bounce Fitness website.
  • Your RTO will only need ONE Login Credential for you and all your students!

What does your RTO need to do?

If you haven’t yet, please notify your staff and students of the new login credentials they will need to access the Bounce Fitness website. Use the new credentials immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us for more information. You can reach us on 1300 626 556 or email

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