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International VET Students’ Protection: ASQA and Government’s Regulatory Commitment

International VET Student Protection ASQA and Government Regulatory Commitment

Ensuring a fair and transparent experience for international students studying in Australia is of utmost importance to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and the government. To this end, training providers delivering vocational education and training (VET) qualifications to overseas students must meet their legal obligations. This includes adhering to the international VET student protection under the ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Students) Act and the National Code.

These obligations include avoiding deceptive practices during student recruitment and course provision and refraining from sharing false or misleading information or promising migration outcomes in their marketing activities. Providers must align their marketing efforts with the standards set by the Australian Consumer Law for international VET student protection.

International VET Student Protection: Monitoring for Quality Assurance

As the primary regulatory body, ASQA diligently monitors ESOS registered providers to ensure adherence to the ESOS Act. Leveraging data and intelligence from various sources, ASQA assesses risks and determines an appropriate regulatory response.

When a provider fails to meet the requirements of the international VET student protection outlined in the ESOS Framework, ASQA employs a proportionate approach, employing a range of monitoring, enforcement, compliance, and education tools. Detailed information about ASQA’s approach to compliance can be found in their comprehensive document, ASQA’s Approach to Compliance.

With a continued focus on ethical practices and compliance, ASQA and the government strive to create an environment that upholds the rights and well-being of international students pursuing their education in Australia.

Collaboration for Compliance

ASQA is collaborating with various government entities to support compliance efforts and carry out surveillance and monitoring activities. Whenever concerns arise regarding the practices of training providers, ASQA initiates direct communication with all CRICOS providers. During these engagements, ASQA emphasises its expectations and outlines the actions to address any identified issues promptly.

Reporting for Transparency

To promote transparency and accountability, ASQA encourages individuals who possess information or concerns regarding a provider’s compliance to report them through the user-friendly online complaints portal, ASQA connect. This reporting mechanism gathers crucial information and enables effective action against non-compliant practices.

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