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How to Ace RTO Marketing Compliance: ASQA Marketing Guidelines & Tips

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As a registered training organisation (RTO), it’s crucial to have a strong marketing and advertising strategy that follows Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) marketing guidelines. RTO marketing compliance is essential to ensure that the information you provide about your training programs is accurate, current, accessible, and not misleading.

Plus, with so many RTOs vying for attention in the crowded education market, ensuring that your message stands out is vital to increase your enrolees.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of RTO marketing compliance and delve into the intricacies of ASQA’s marketing guidelines. This will help you properly market your RTO per the standards to avoid non-compliance issues.

Understanding ASQA Marketing Guidelines

The ASQA 2015 standards for RTOs clause 4.1 requires your RTO to provide accurate and easy-to-access information about your training programs to possible and current students. This is to ensure that learners can make sound and informed choices.

Creating advertising and marketing materials for your RTO must follow the ASQA marketing guidelines for your RTO marketing compliance. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • The materials must be in the name of your RTO only and not use the name of any business working on your behalf.
  • You must have the registration code of your RTO in the materials.
  • If you’re promoting a specific training program, include the qualification or unit code and title as it appears on (TGA).
  • Indicate details about any financial support available, including any debts students may get and how they will repay them.
  • Refrain from guaranteeing that students will complete a program, obtain a specific employment outcome, or complete a qualification or unit in a way that does not meet ASQA’s standards.
  • RTOs must secure consent from any other person or organisation mentioned in the materials before using their name.
  • Use the nationally recognised training (NRT) logo per ASQA’s conditions of use.
  • Clearly differentiate between nationally recognised programs and non-accredited programs offered by your RTO.
  • Only include information about qualifications and units currently on your RTO’s scope of registration.
  • Only mention that a course leads to a licensed or regulated outcome if the relevant industry regulator has confirmed it.

For more information about the ASQA marketing guidelines, read ASQA’s marketing and advertising fact sheet.

What Happens When You Don’t Follow RTO Marketing Compliance

So, what happens if an RTO doesn’t comply with ASQA’s marketing guidelines standards? They may face consequences such as being issued a non-compliance notice or having their registration cancelled. Non-compliance notices are given when an RTO breaches the VET Quality Framework, which includes the Standards for RTOs.

What’s more, RTOs must comply with other laws and regulations related to advertising and marketing, like the Australian Consumer and Law (ACL) and the Spam Act. The ACL prohibits misleading or deceptive conduct and false or misleading representations. Meanwhile, the Spam Act regulates unsolicited commercial electronic messages.

8 Tips for RTO Marketing Compliance

Create compelling and compliant marketing campaigns with these tips! Attract potential students, accurately represent their training programs, and protect the integrity of VET in Australia through these pointers.

    1. Stay updated on training package changes and prepare to add to the scope of registration.

      You can only market and advertise qualifications, units, and skill sets that are part of your scope. That’s why it’s essential to keep up with the new changes and be ready to add to scope as soon as updates are rolled out.

      Stay informed with the latest training package updates by subscribing to TGA and ASQA’s newsletters. When the updates are out, add relevant programs to your scope so you can market as soon as your registration is approved.

    2. Review and update marketing materials regularly

      Ensure that they are accurate, current, and compliant with ASQA’s marketing guidelines and other laws and regulations related to advertising and marketing. 

    3. Be clear.

      Be honest about the training programs and services offered by your RTO. Provide correct and updated information about the program content, fees, and any other relevant details.

    4. Get professional advice.

      Need more clarification on your marketing materials? Talk to professionals like lawyers and marketing experts to check if they meet the relevant laws and regulations, like the ACL and Spam Act. You can also seek advice from 360 RTO Solutions for more RTO compliance recommendations.

    5. Get consent.

      Before using their name, obtain consent from any other person or organisation mentioned in your marketing materials.

    6. Keep records.

      Save all your marketing materials files, including any drafts, changes, and approvals. This will help you identify areas of improvement and show that they are constantly reviewed and updated.

    7. Clarify which qualifications or units are nationally recognised and which are not.

      This will help you avoid confusion and publishing any misleading information to your students.

    8. Edit learning resources to suit your marketing materials.

      Ensure that your learning materials are aligned with your marketing collaterals’ style and branding. That way, potential and current learners are assured that your RTO resources are up-to-date and consistent with your brand.

On the lookout for easy-to-edit RTO training resources? All Precision RTO Resources are delivered in unlocked digital format so you can quickly rebrand your purchased learning materials. Learn more by filling out the form and enjoy free samples, info packs, and pricing details.

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