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Empowering Training Journeys: The Value of Student Support Services

NCVER Study Highlights Student Support's Role in Choosing Training Providers

Managing a registered training organisation (RTO) demands a unique blend of strategy and practical expertise. In this context, the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has undertaken a significant study, unveiling a crucial but often overlooked aspect — student support services’ essential role.

Student Support Services Across Diverse Backgrounds

The NCVER’s research delves into the factors influencing students’ choices when selecting their preferred training providers. The result is clear: easily accessible student support services profoundly influence this decision-making process. RTOs offering these services not only garner favour but also secure their positions as preferred choices among students.

In addition, the significance of student support services remains constant, regardless of the learners’ backgrounds or circumstances. Whether serving traditional students or those from underserved backgrounds, these services are uniformly appreciated.

The Value of Student Support

What precisely do these specialised support services for Australian RTOs entail? Picture them as the invaluable tools at your organisation’s disposal, designed to empower your students. They form the bedrock of success, from one-on-one assistance to collaborative study sessions, career guidance, counselling services, and more. Notably, students are willing to invest extra resources in these services due to their recognised value.

Additional Factors Students Consider

While student support services play a crucial role, other factors also influence students’ choices. Cost takes the spotlight as a significant consideration, but that’s not the whole story. Accessibility and training delivery methods also hold sway in the decision-making process.

Simon Walker, NCVER’s managing director, shares some vital insights, “Although the availability of student support services is not as strong an influence on student training choices as cost, it is clear that student support services are important for students when choosing an RTO.”

He recommends that Australian RTOs can guide students effectively by openly providing information about their support services on the internet. This approach helps RTOs become a trusted source of confidence, ensuring students start their training journeys with the appropriate support in hand.

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