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Albanese Labor Government Initiates Three New Jobs & Skills Councils to Tackle Workforce Challenges

The Albanese Labor Government has made significant strides in addressing skills shortages and boosting the Australian economy by introducing three new Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs). These industry-owned and led organizations cover the manufacturing, transport and logistics, and mining and automotive sectors, and serve as a collaborative platform for employers, unions, government bodies, and education and training sectors.

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to tripartite leadership, the government aims to find practical solutions to pressing workforce challenges and skills gaps across various industries in Australia. The JSCs will play a vital role in bridging these gaps by fostering strong partnerships between industry stakeholders and educational institutions, thereby providing the necessary skills and training pathways to meet these sectors’ evolving needs.

To ensure effective workforce planning, the Jobs & Skills Councils will closely collaborate with Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA), aligning their efforts with JSA’s expertise in forecasting and modelling. This collaborative approach will enable the councils to comprehensively understand job roles, skill requirements, and education and training opportunities specific to each industry sector.

Strengthening Manufacturing, Transport, and Mining Industries with the New Jobs & Skills Councils

The Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance will focus on empowering the modern manufacturing sector and associated industries. By driving advanced manufacturing and fostering innovation, the alliance aims to strengthen Australia’s manufacturing sector with a skilled workforce.

The Transport and Logistics JSC, led by Industry Skills Australia, unites employers and union leaders from the transport and logistics industries in a collaborative effort. This collaboration will ensure effective workforce planning and address skills needs within the core supply chain sectors, crucial to sustaining the nation’s economy.

Similarly, the Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance will work closely with employers and unions to address workforce challenges and skills gaps within the mining and automotive sectors. These industries, known for their significant contributions to Australia’s economic prosperity, will also play a pivotal role in the nation’s journey towards achieving a net-zero transformation.

The Agribusiness JSC took the lead as the first operational council among the newly established Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs), with significant progress being made. Meanwhile, the remaining JSCs are currently in the process of development, poised to make substantial contributions in their respective sectors.

For more information on the Jobs and Skills Councils, please visit Australia’s VET Sector Gets a Boost with Jobs & Skills Councils.

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