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RTO Resources for ICT30120 Certificate III in Information Technology

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ICT30120 Certificate III in Information Technology RTO Learning Materials

Get the latest ICT30120 Certificate III in Information Technology RTO materials from one of the most trusted resource developers — Precision RTO Resources.

TheseICT30120 RTO resources were made to help your RTO deliver only the best training experience.

Your ICT30120 materials include:

  • Learner Resources
  • Learner Assessment Workbook
  • Assessor Assessment Workbook
  • Trainer Manual
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Access to Simulated Business

In addition to these great training tools, your ICT30120 RTO resource package is fully editable and has an unlimited digital student licence!

If you’d like to enhance your online training, you can secure matching e-Learning resources as an optional add-on. The e-Learning resources include:

  • Structured e-Learning Content
  • Narrated Audio
  • Interactive Elements
  • Self Marking Quiz for Each Chapter
  • Plug-And-Play Installation

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Product Details

RTO Training Materials

The RTO resources are delivered in an editable digital format so you can adjust, rebrand, modify, and contextualise your training resources with ease.

You’ll also be able to print or upload these RTO resources to your Learning Management System (LMS) for a hassle-free and stress-free distribution.

Best of all, your new assessment materials come with an unlimited digital student licence, so you won’t have to pay any ongoing student fees.

Here’s what you can expect from these RTO materials:

Learner Resources

Your new RTO materials come complete with high-quality learner resources so you can provide an unparalleled training experience to your students.

Learner Guides

Consist of formative assessments to help your students develop relevant skills and knowledge about the course.

PowerPoint Presentations

Include vital learning points to support your course delivery.

Access to Simulated Business Site

Includes additional documents (e.g., templates, forms, policies, schedules, client records, workplace documents) to help your students complete their assessments.

Assessment Tools

The assessment tools have undergone rigorous validation and quality assurance processes to ensure your materials are up to scratch. These assessment tools provide standard benchmarks and help your RTO provide evidence to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Your new RTO materials include:

Learner Assessment Workbooks

Include projects, tasks, practical observations, short answers, and case studies to efficiently assess your students’ competency.

Assessor Assessment Workbooks

Contain benchmark answers for the Learner Assessment documents and will help guide your trainers or assessors when evaluating the competency of your students.

Trainer Manuals

Our RTO resources consist of answers to the formative assessments found in the Learner Assessment documents for trainers to easily identify where students need more support.

Rectification Assistance Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you experience issues with the assessment tools at an official regulatory audit, we will assist with rectifications at no charge, however, terms and conditions still apply.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Fill in the form and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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e-Learning Resources

e-Learning Resources

Provide outstanding online training when you add e-Learning resources to your training package.

The RTO materials have matching e-Learning resources developed by eSkilled, Australia’s leading e-Learning developer.

Your e-Learning materials enhance the training materials with advanced features such as:

Structured e-Learning Content

Coherent and easy-to-understand RTO materials to match the information on the learner resources.

Narrated Audio

The learner resources are further enhanced with the narrated audio content function. Choose to read or listen to the course materials! This makes it easier for students with LLN needs to easily navigate the course content with minimal trainer support.

Interactive Elements

Clickable and interactive elements in the e-Learning resources! That means students can engage with the learning materials better and have better knowledge retention, as well. Keep students engaged and provide a better learning environment.

Self Marking Quiz for Each Chapter

Students can test their own comprehension with quizzes after each chapter. They can go back to check where they need to improve without extra support from trainers. Make self-paced online learning easy with e-Learning!

Plug-And-Play Installation

The e-Learning materials are provided in HTML5/SCORM compliant format which means they’re easy to install! Compatible with popular LMS like Canva, Moodle, and the like.

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ICT30120 Certificate III in Information Technology Units of Competency

The ICT30120 Certificate III in Information Technology, comes with comprehensive learning materials, including learner resource, assessor assessment pack, and learner assessment pack, covering a total of 12 units of competency. These consist of 6 core units and 6 elective units, from which you can select to create a personalised package. Note that in the selection of the elective, 3 units from Group A must be chosen. To complete the package, choose any 3 units from the list of elective units provided.

Select Your Units


BSBSUS211 Participate in sustainable work practices
BSBTEC202 Use digital technologies to communicate in a work environment
BSBWHS211 Contribute to the health and safety of self and others
ICTICT213 Use computer operating systems and hardware
ICTICT214 Operate application software packages
ICTICT215 Operate digital media technology packages


Group A – Digital and technology skills
BSBTEC101 Operate digital devices
BSBTEC201 Use business software applications
ICTICT216 Design and create basic organisational documents
ICTICT223 Install software applications
ICTICT224 Integrate commercial computing packages
ICTSAS214 Protect devices from spam and destructive software
ICTSAS218 Obtain and connect hardware peripherals
BSBTEC301 Design and produce business documents
BSBTEC302 Design and produce spreadsheets
BSBTEC303 Create electronic presentations
BSBXCS303 Securely manage personally identifiable information and workplace information

Group B – ‘Work ready’ skills
BSBCRT201 Develop and apply thinking and problem solving skills
BSBINS201 Process and maintain workplace information
BSBOPS201 Work effectively in business environments
BSBOPS202 Engage with customers
BSBOPS203 Deliver a service to customers
BSBPEF201 Support personal wellbeing in the workplace
BSBPEF202 Plan and apply time management
BSBTWK201 Work effectively with others

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About Precision RTO Resources

Precision RTO Resources owns, licenses, warranties, and supports these RTO materials. Please check the license terms here for more information.

For more information about the ICT30120 Certificate III in Information Technology training package, check out the ICT30120 Certificate III in Information Technology page on

About eSkilled

The e-Learning materials were developed by eSkilled, a Precision RTO Resources e-Learning partner. For more information about eSkilled, click here.

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