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What You Need To Know About The Recent Changes in Training Packages Announced In 2023

What You Need to Know About the Recent Changes in Training Packages Announced in 2023 blog cover

It’s crucial for RTOs to be up to date with the recent changes to training packages to provide top-notch vocational education and training while also staying compliant. Staying up to date includes keeping track of transition periods and deadlines so your RTO can offer courses and assessments that align with the latest industry practices, technologies, and regulations. By being well-informed with training package transitions, your RTO can maintain its credibility and compliance and equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the workforce.

To help you stay current, we’ve put together a list of all the recent changes to training packages from the year 2022 below that will have end of transition deadlines in 2023 and 2024.

Recent Changes to Training Packages in 2022

Training Package   Version   2022 Latest Release Date  
ACM – Animal care and management training package 6.0   16 Jul  
AHC – Agriculture, horticulture and conservation and land management training package 8.0   31 Jul  
AMP – Australian meat processing training package 7.1   25 Feb  
AUM – Automotive manufacturing 2.2   07 Jul  
AUR – Automotive retail, service and repair training package 7.1   23 Jun  
AVI – Aviation training package 10.0   20 Oct  
BSB – Business services training package 8.0   25 Jan  
CHC – Community services 9.1   31 Dec  
CPC – Construction, plumbing and services training package 9.0   08 Dec  
CPP – Property services training package 17.0   19 Dec  
CSC – Correlational services training package 5.0   05 Dec  
CUA – Creative arts and culture training package 6.0   19 Oct  
DEF – Defence training package 5.1   22 Dec  
FBP – Food, beverage and pharmaceutical 7.0   20 Apr  
FNS – Financial services training package 8.2   03 Nov  
FWP – Forest and wood products training package 7.1   23 Feb  
HLT – Health   9.0   15 Dec  
ICT – Information and Communications Technology   8.1   21 Jun  
MAR – Maritime training package 10.0   20 Dec  
MEA – Aeroskills training package 5.0   22 Nov  
MEM – Manufacturing and engineering   3.0   19 Dec  
MSF – Furnishing training package 8.0   21 Dec  
MSL – Laboratory operation   4.0   20 Dec  
MSM – Manufacturing training package   7.2   19 Apr  
MSS – Sustainability   5.0   16 Dec  
MST – Textiles, clothing and footwear 5.0   20 Dec  
NWP – National water training package 5.0   07 Dec  
PMA – Chemical, hydrocarbons and refining 2.3   21 Sep  
PMB – Plastics, rubber and cablemaking 2.1   25 Mar  
POL – Police training package 7.0   06 Dec  
PPM – Pulp & paper manufacturing industry training package 3.0   10 Feb  
PSP – Public sector training package 4.0   21 Nov  
PUA – Public safety 5.0   16 Dec  
RGR – Racing and breeding training package 4.1   25 Feb  
RII – Resources and infrastructure industry training package 9.0   19 Oct  
SFI – Seafood industry 2.1   25 Feb  
SFL – Floristry training package   1.1   04 Apr  
SHB – Floristry training package 4.1   05 Jul  
SIF – Funeral services   2.3   04 Apr  
SIS – Sport, fitness and recreation training package 6.0   13 Dec  
SIT – Tourism, travel and hospitality training package 2.1   09 Sep  
TAE – Training and education training package 5.0   08 Dec  
TLI – Transport and logistics training package 14.0   15 Dec  
UEE – Electrotechnology training package 5.0   20 Dec  
UEG – Gas industry training package 4.0   09 Dec  
UEP – Electricity supply industry – generation sector training package 3.0   13 Dec  
UET – Transmission, distribution and rail sector 5.0   06 Dec 

There are several training packages that have already undergone revisions early this 2023. These are:

Training Package  Version  2023 Latest Release Date 
AHC – Agriculture, horticulture and conservation and land management training package 9.0  24 Jan 
AMP – Australian meat processing training package 8.0  24 Jan 
FBP – Food, beverage and pharmaceutical  8.0  25 Jan 
FWP – Forest and wood products training package  8.0  25 Jan 

Critical Steps for Your RTO to Manage Training Package Updates

To maintain compliance, registered training organisations (RTOs) can take several steps to respond to the recent changes to these training packages. These include:

  • Staying informed: It’s important for your RTO to stay in the know about the recent changes to the training packages, including any training package transition periods and deadlines, to ensure your courses and assessments align with the latest standards. Information on the recent changes to training packages can be found at, while transition deadlines can be found on ASQA’s website.
  • Reviewing courses and assessments: Your RTO should review your courses and assessments considering the training package revisions to make sure they are up-to-date and meet the new standards.
  • Seeking professional development: Your RTO can invest in professional development opportunities to stay informed about the latest industry trends and best practices and to keep skills and knowledge relevant. Additionally, your trainers and assessors must upskill so they can deliver recently updated courses in their industry. Attending conferences, seminars, and workshops can also help with upskilling your staff, which can improve and update your RTO’s training delivery.
  • Using the latest or current training resources: Your RTO should invest in high-quality, compliant training resources to support your course delivery and assessments, and to ensure students receive the best possible training experience. It’s imperative that your RTO has a team that can contextualise training resources to meet the standards regarding the changes to the training packages. While your trainers can do the trick, their limited time, expertise, and experience in instructional design cannot guarantee that they will do a sufficient job of contextualising your resources.Read our RTO Contextualisation Guide to contextualising your training resources.

It’s crucial to note that the training package transitions’ deadlines are firmly set by ASQA. While your RTO is given months to prepare for the transition, not acting quickly can have marketing and enrolment repercussions, which can ultimately affect your business. It’s therefore recommended that you take the necessary steps to accommodate the recent changes to the training packages and update your course materials as soon as you can.

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