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Restructure of Training Package Information Session

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Jane also recently attended the Restructure of Training Package Information Session held by Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA). It was a very well-structured and well-paced presentation packed full of information about the ‘new’ assessment format. The presenters were well-informed and very happy to discuss the various points with the audience as each issue arose.

The ‘new’ assessment sounded very exciting. It is streamlined – if only because all of the background information will be contained in a separate volume. This is a great innovation.

Also pleasing is the greater degree of detail in the assessment. Statements informing the number of times an activity must be seen completed competently by the Assessor will provide consistency and clarity. Also, the inclusion of the setting in which it is appropriate for an activity to be conducted will be clarified.

Of course, this makes it easier for all of the assessments in a qualification to be holistically written. Precision Group is going to host a professional development day in October for Secondary Schools and also for RTOs to encourage active discussion around this holistic approach.

We will have completed the first of our models and be able to discuss them and how they work with attendees. There will be other highly qualified assessors there too, so all attendees will be able to get some private quality time to discuss their assessment issues – and provide us with that most desirable feedback to help us improve what we do too.

You can’t afford to miss this practical session with so much to offer. So, if you are an RTO, your life could get much easier next year.

Attendance was a good investment in time. The changes and hard work done by IBSA will pay dividends for us all.

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